Dragon Roar: 4. 19. 2020

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Due Tuesday, April 21 by 8 PM.

It's Still EASTER! Divine Mercy Sunday



Did you know Easter is more than just a day? It's an entire season for our Church lasting 50 days, spanning from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. Each Sunday of the season is treated as a Sunday of Easter. So today, Divine Mercy Sunday, I wish you another HAPPY EASTER. We truly need that good news now.


I am including below updates from the Archdiocese and St. Monica re: Governor's Abbott's order to not physically reopen schools for the rest of this academic year.

Remember, we will continue online until our last day of school. I do have a mandatory survey to complete so that we can support you in May, a section for 8th Grade Graduation, and planning for next year. Please complete ASAP by Tuesday at 8PM. This will replace our weekly check-in.


See below for some digital volunteer opportunities.

Today's Gospel: Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday), Jn 20:19-31

In today's gospel we encounter Doubting Thomas who needed to physically see Christ's wounds in order to fully believe in the Resurrection.

Jesus says to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.”

Family Connection: Wow. Today's Gospel is trying during these times and also a source of hope in the unknown. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe. As a family, discuss:

1) What are some things we believe because we see them?

2) Is there anything we believe without seeing?

Today’s Gospel reminds us that faith sometimes asks us to believe things we cannot see with our eyes. As a family offer up gratitude for the blessings we have received during these difficult times and petitions of hope for everything that troubles us.


Ms. Salazar and the SMCS Team

Governor Abbott Extends School Physical Closure for Entire Academic Year

On Friday, our governor extended school closures for the rest of the academic year.


I am saddened that we will not be able to be physically together. I was holding some hope that we would be able to reunite. However, I am thankful our State is taking strong measures to keep us as safe as possible. An Easter sign of hope is that we can still remain connected digitally AND we are keeping our online learning going strong through our LAST DAY on Tuesday, June 2.


I am seeking clarification re: Summer Fun and Summer Schooling and will get you that information ASAP--however, we will not re-open physically until we can ensure safety for your families and our team. I am going to move forward as we are NOT opening for summer fun and have included a section of the survey to complete on it. HOWEVER, if anything changes we will open using the safety practices below.


I saw a posting that is very pertinent at this time. One of the SUPERPOWERS of educators rooted in ministry and improving their craft is that we are formed to get students back on track, no matter how far behind they are.

Do not worry about falling behind in schoolwork. Stay committed to learning as much as possible and staying connected online. In our ENTIRE WORLD: No kids are ahead and no kids are behind. Your kids are exactly where they need to be and we will fill in the gaps---it's what we do as educators.


What we do not have superpowers to fix is social-emotional trauma which can physically hinder the brain from learning. Families, keep on sharing your calm, patience, strength, love, and faith with your kids. Take a break when you needed. WE LOVE WHAT WE ARE SEEING AND YOUR FEEDBACK, PICTURES AND MORE! We WILL keep on supporting YOU and jump right back in when we are physically together. We are here to support you!!


  • Professionally sanitize and greatly expand our cleaning company presence.
  • Implement drop everything and clean moments in our classrooms and schools.
  • Have sanitizer stations outside of each restroom and in each building.
  • Practice social distancing and health best practices as much as feasible (more to come on this when we know more--to potentially include, but not limited to forehead thermometers, masks, etc.).
  • Celebrate like CRAZY: 8th Grade Graduation, Athletics, 2nd and 8th grade Sacraments, Our School-Wide Community, TEACHERS, and STUDENTS
  • CLOSE the gaps and jump right in.


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Click for Mandatory May Family Survey

Due by Tuesday, April 21 at 8PM


  • MASS TIME CHANGE: 9AM on Friday. No problem this week as we have Friday off. We will update our plans in the next Roar.


  • Since we know we are staying online officially, we want to keep the SMCS spirit alive with a digital talent show, teacher appreciation week, school spirit week, etc. Sign up in the survey above to help!


  • APRIL CREDITS have been applied by our bookkeeper, Ms. Rosa, from our April Survey.
  • HFF COVID19 Assistance application is being processed this week by the Arch. Complete ASAP if you have not already. MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THE FINAL STEP--Survey to let me know you did it so I can build your case to the Arch.
  • Please check your accounts!! If you notice any oversights or questions please email bookkeeper@saintmonica.net AND asalazar@saintmonica.net IMMEDIATELY.


  • We are here to help as resources allow! Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community AND potential PPP loan (application in processing---pray for us!), we can support on a family by family basis.
  • Has your financial status changed? Do you need support? COMPLETE THE SURVEY and Please email asalazar@saintmonica.net or call my remote learning financial assistance line at 210-650-2031 from 10AM to 6PM, Mon to Fri. We are here to help! If I miss you I will return calls in one business day.
  • If you will be needing additional assistance for May, please apply for HFF ASAP and if you are PreK please email me ASAP or call 210-650-2031


Here is the order of calls our business office will be returning this week

Monday and Tuesday

  1. PreK Assistance.
  2. Enrollment Questions from last week
  3. Families indicating the ability to donate more.
  4. Follow-ups that we have on record. Please email me if you are still waiting to hear back from a member of our business office.

Wednesday and Thursday

1. May Mandatory Survey Follow up

2. Follow-ups that I have on record.

3. NEW family enrollment (WHEW! We have a few coming in!!)

Thank you for your patience. Please email if you are waiting on a callback, we want to make sure we do not miss you!!

COVID19 AND 2020-2021Additional Tuition Assistance from Hope for the Future

Thank you, Jesus! The Archdiocese has opened Hope for the Future Funds for Kinder to HS to provide additional tuition assistance. Here is how to apply. AFTER YOU COMPLETE, please fill out this form immediately for me.

If you already applied for HFF for 2020-2021, just log back in and update. DO NOT CREATE A NEW HFF APPLICATION. You will know if you did this if you got charged $35 for the application already. DO NOT PAY TWICE!!

1) Complete OR relog on to your 2020-2021 FACTS Application at https://online.factsmgt.com/aid if you had already filled one out, you can just log back in!

  • You will have to pay $35 fee to FACTS (the Arch/HFF/we do not get this).
  • I will reimburse ALL families that get charged $35 to fill this out for COVID related assistance on your May tuition.

2) You will need:

  • 2018 OR 2019 tax documents along with their most recent W-2
  • Supporting documentation such as a furlough letter or termination from the employer on company letterhead OR a paycheck stub detailing the loss of hours and decrease in pay.
  • You may take pictures of their tax docs with their phone and upload those pictures directly into their FACTS application.

3) Should you need assistance editing their application you can contact the FACTS parent line at 1-866-412-4637.

4) When you have filled it out on FACTS, fill this out immediately. You must fill this out to be considered.

5) The deadline for HFF for COVID and/or 2020-2021 school year extended until June.

Please complete ASAP.

ARE YOU A PREK FAMILY NEEDING ASSISTANCE? Please email me directly, asalazar@saintmonica.net Thank you!

Kinder Kindness Challenge at Home!

Events this Week

CLICK for Master Zoom Schedule: REVIEW EACH WEEK

Please review EACH week as times are subject to change. Reminder, no online learning on Friday. Join morning announcements at 8:45AM on 4/24 in your FIESTA gear!!

Weekly Wednesday Lunch: Every Wednesday at 12PM, EARTH DAY LUNCH! SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST!!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 12-1pm

Zoom, Code 362-174-5604

Students, parents, families---Have general questions? Have some great ideas? Just want to check in? Want to say hi and see some SMCS friends? This week we will discuss what you are doing for EARTH day!

Bring your lunch, we will pray together and chat. Come as your schedule allows.

Completely optional! Password posted in your Google Classroom announcements page.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Friday FIESTA School Wide Zoom and Children's Mass

Friday, April 17th, 8:45-9am

Zoom, 362 -174- 5604

Morning announcements and fun before we gather for Zoom Mass! Come dressed in your FIESTA gear this Friday!!

Weekly winner of family survey completion announced!

Join us if your schedule allows.

Children's Mass to Follow at 9AM.

Live Children's Mass Stream: Click Friday at 9AM

You do not need a FB account to view.

Reminder: No Online School this Friday, Send us your FIESTA pictures!

Friday, April 24th, 8am-6pm

This is an online event.

We had this day off for Battle of the Flowers. Send us your best at home fiesta pictures so we can create our own digital parade!

CONGRATS: Survey Winners!

Servin and Noverola Family

Thank you for filling out our weekly check-in. Check your email for an Amazon gift card!

Keep on filling out to keep us in the loop AND for some fun, a chance to win.

United in SPIRIT: Birthday Drive Through!!

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Google Classroom Hack: Submitting Work and Checking Progress

Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22. Ideas to Celebrate!!

Counselor's Corner: Note from Mrs. Moncrief, Class Code: 72fdwe3

Join Mrs. Moncrief for guidance lessons and check ins!

We have three ways to connect:

1. Email: I will do my very best and reply by the next day. If there is an emergency, contact Ms.

Salazar and she can get hold of me.

2. Zoom: Every day from 2:00 – 5:00 pm, Meeting ID: 865-730-234

3. Padlets: digital bulletin board. I add new things every week. Just browse and click on the

tiles. Hopefully, some things will be helpful.

Padlet for Parents, Password: Parent

Padlet for Students, Password: Student

Looking forward to supporting you!


Stressed about School Work? Slow down. Come to Office Hours. Seek Help!

Students and Families---I want to remind you---your health, your faith, and your family come absolutely first during this time. That means if the adults are working and can't help until the evening or the weekend, that's ok. That means if someone gets sick at your house, the school work can wait.

Getting behind? Need help? Need an extension? That's ok! Just let your teacher know during office hours or shoot an email. Flexibility and adaptability is our foundation. If one assignment is taking more than an hour to complete for upper grades or 30-45 min for PreK/ Elementary, take a break, walk away, play, go outside and come back! If it doesn't make sense, stop and ask for help!

Let us use this time to take care of each other.

Yes, we are still assessing and making sure standards are mastered. We continue to be committed to the academic excellence that makes SMCS so great. Help us help you and keep us in the loop.

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Remote Learning Dragon Roar Archive

Holy Week Prayers!

Handbook for 2019-2020

Wait, there are tech rules? Yes! Please read the attached document.

There will be TONS of updates as we get moving. Please help us help you and let us know of issues and roadblocks you encounter.
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