7th Grade Math Newsletter

Spring Semester 2016 Issue 9

Dear Parents,

We are wrapping up the end of Unit 7, Circles and Composite Figures. We will begin our Unit 8 next week over surface area and volume. Students will be exploring the attributes of 3-D shapes and identifying the similarities and differences of pyramids and prisms. They will learn to calculate the surface area (the sum of all the areas of all the shapes that cover the surface of the object) and the volume for each 3-D shape. We will discuss real-world situations in which we will use each of these in life and more specifically we will explore how to use them in some of the career paths that students have expressed an interest in pursuing.

The next few month are going to be incredibly busy. Please make sure that you are checking our dates to remember below and mark your calendars with these important dates.

Additional Resources

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username is: hays + student's first name + last initial + last 3 digits of ID number

password: student ID number

Dates to Remember:

February 24, 2016: Pep Rally

March 3-4, 2016: Benchmark Testing

March 11, 2016: End of 3rd Nine Weeks

March 14-18, 2016: Spring Break

March 25, 2016: Student Holiday

March 29-30, 2016: STAAR Writing for 7th Grade

April 1, 2016: Paws for fun

April 14, 2016: Pep Rally

April 30, 2016: Relay for Life Event

Your 7th Grade Math Team