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Week of Sept 14, 2020

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Week 2 In the Books!

Hello Raiders! You made through your Second week of school. Hopefully you are adjusting to our new Bell Schedule as well as Canvas and Zoom. Time to gear up for the first fulll week of school this coming week. This week's edition contains a video of the ins and outs of distance learning,

How to Stay Organized During Distance Learning

HI Raiders,

Please take a moment to watch this video about staying organized and being successful during Virtual Learning. This video will give you tips on how to achieve and thrive during our time learning online.

How to Stay Organized for Distance Learning

BMMS Counseling 2020 Canvas site

Make sure to check out our BMMS Counseling 2020 canvas site at the link HERE.

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PARENT CORNER: Improving communication between your children

I have two children and since we are spending so much more time together I have found myself falling into some unproductive communication habits. The bickering was definitely coming to a fever pitch and no matter how much I asked them to stop, leave each other alone, or just be nice to me and drop it, things we not getting better. So I realized I needed to go back to the strategies that work and here are the ones I am using the most right now.

1.Scenario: Complaining about the other sibling. Instead of dismissing negative feelings about a sibling, acknowledge the feeling. Example "You feel River teases you just to irritate you." My kids want their feeling acknowledged and this statement lets them know they are heard and they will often tell me more after hearing I understand.

2. Scenario" Sibling are name calling or putting each other down. Instead of telling my child to stop name calling or saying that is not nice, try getting them to express how they are felling and set a boundary of no name calling. Example: "You sound furious, please tell John how you are feeling without name calling".

3. Scenario: My children want me to be the judge and decide who is right or should get something first. Instead of listening to both sides and then laying down a punishment, I ask them, "I can see that you are upset but I trust that you can work this out with your brother and find a compromise."

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What Counselors do and how to contact us

Counselors provide academic, personal/social, and career development support to the approximately 1300 students at Black Mountain Middle School. If at any time you need assistance in any of these areas, please do not hesitate to ask. We have a wide variety of resources available to help students in all areas of life so please come see us if you need support with your academics, your post-high school planning or with any personal issue you may have.

Mrs Taylor (A-Ho, GATE): -(858) 376-7045-

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Mr. Schafer (Mi-Z, AVID) - (619) 839-5650 -

Top 10 Tips for starting the school year

Take a look at this Top 10 Tips link to find great ways to start the school year off successfully.