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PSSAs Begin on Monday 4/8

Our PSSA testing begins on Monday, April 8. Please make note that we will have testing each morning through the 15th. Students should arrive on time and have a good breakfast to help with stamina. We will also have the Science PSSAs on the 22nd and 23rd. Students will have no homework during our testing window and they are encouraged to relax during the evening. There are three days of Math and three days of Reading. Our normal schedule will resume on April 24. Thank you for keeping these important testing dates in mind when planning your schedules at home.

Portfolio Conferences were a Huge Success

Thank you for your timeliness and help during our recent conferences. The students did an outstanding job presenting their progress to you. They spent weeks preparing and their hard work paid off. Each student spoke with great detail and reflection and actively particpated in the goal setting portion of the conference. If you would like to have a digital copy of their presnetation, simply send in a flashdrive and they can save it to bring home. Any feedback on the overall process would be greatlty appreciated as each year I plan and refine the presentation.

Living Organism Research

We have started the research process and the kids seem very excited about this project. Thank you for signing off on their process paper. This is to help your child manage their time and stay on track with completing the project. I will be modeling each step of the writing to help them gain clarity on informational writing. They are encourgaed to bring their research folder back and forth from school to home to help keep you informed of their progress. The wax museum will be the finale to this month long study!

Social Studies Unit 12 Quiz

Friday, April 5th, 9am

Room 231

The students will have their open-notebook quiz on Unit 12. They can review the information at home from their notes or their on-line textbook at

Compliment Party on April 19

The students have been working hard to earn compliments and they have voted to wtach a movie and enjoy some snacks on Friday, April 19. We will be watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. If you would like to donate a healthy treat, please let me know. The kids are excited to have a little down time following their Reading and Math PSSA assessments.