Reflection Questions

Christian Ethics 90

What is beauty as a Christian?

For us Christians, beauty does not matter on the physical appearance, it only matters in the inside of our personalities and inside our hearts. For example The Beauty And The Beast.↓

The Beauty and The Beast

This Disney Movie is a good example of Christian Beauty. The girl at the start of the movie was scared of the beast, because he was a beast, but when the girl found his personality, she like him now.

How might we grow and change in the future into the person God wants us to be?

It's a simple answer, make the right choices and be who you are, because that make you who you are as a person. God doesn't control the future, it's you that can and others, and we can make our self beautiful at anytime.

How can Jesus reach others through me?

By letting ourselves open our hearts to God and Jesus. Praying every night and gentle to God and Jesus. Letting ourselves to be peaceful and happy. Going to the right path and following it till the end, then restarts at heaven.

How do I become a peacemaker?

You just need to be brave and step up to for people who need you. Also stop fights and talk them out of it. If you keep doing this you will be brother or sister of Jesus. Also you will feel good doing this.

Why did God create life?

We can't really tell why he created us, but we do have ideas why God created us. God has many answer of why he created us but here are a few of them. First He wanted to love us and be loved. Second he wanted us to live in his universe and care for it. Lastly, God created us to fulfill his eternal plans, if wanna find out its all in the bible.