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Kilgore Intermediate School, Week of January 18-22

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Monday, January 18th

Martin L. King Holiday

Tuesday, January 19th

Staff Development Day

Thursday, January 21st

PLC Planning Day

8:15 5th Grade Math

  • Finish Geometry and Measurement (perimeter, area, and volume)

9:15 5th Grade ELAR/SS

  • Discuss Reading Strategies
  • Finish Civil War and Reconstruction

10:15 5th Grade Science

  • Sedimentary Rock and Soil

12:15 4th Grade ELAR/SS

  • Discuss Writing Strategies
  • Revising and Editing
  • Expository Writing

1:15 4th Grade Math/Science

  • Input/Output Tables
  • Phases of the Moon

High Yield Instructional Strategies of the Week

3-2-1 Summary

Instructional Steps:

1. Students write 3 big ideas or facts/details they learned. (What did it say?)

2. Students write 2 examples, applications, or inferences about what they learned. (What did it mean?)

3. Students write 1 question or draw 1 conclusion about what they learned. (What does it mean?)

Note: 3-2-1 Summaries may be used as exit tickets at the end of class, or they may be implemented with “Musical Mix-Freeze-Group” to allow students to share and refine summaries with peers.

Thinking (Process TEKS Rigor):

· Analyze/Interpret

· Apply

· Draw Conclusions

· Infer

· Summarize

Musical Mix-Freeze-Group

Instructional Steps:

1. Play music while students “mix” around the room.

2. Stop music and say, “Freeze!” Students will freeze wherever they are in the room.

3. Say, “Group!” Ask students to turn to the person closest to them to form a partnership.

4. Teacher conducts a “mini-teach” piece and presents a question for practice or reflection associated with the content.

5. Students work with their partner to answer the question.

6. Teacher clarifies/verifies.

Note: This strategy could be used to scaffold learning for 3-4 homework questions to ensure students are provided an opportunity to “practice without penalty.”

Thinking (Process TEKS Rigor): Thinking will vary depending on the task or question that is assigned.

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