OCTOBER 11, 2015



SIBLINGS -- Grade level chairs, please EMAIL Taressa a list of siblings who are staying after school to wait for brothers/sisters in tutoring. Siblings of students who are being tutored and staying after school may be brought to the library – grade levels may need to organize one way for those babies to get to the library. Thank you!

FYI – Snacks for tutoring will NOT be available for the first day, Tuesday, October 13th. A TUTORING REMINDER went home WITH STUDENTS WHO ARE BEING TUTORED and in it, SNACKS were requested to be brought for the first day.

Grade Levels – please review tutoring procedures with your team so everyone is prepared. LESSON PLANS ARE AN EXPECTATION for TUTORING. Tutoring lesson plans should be included on your weekly lesson plans that you upload to SWAP. Please be intentional at collaborating with your Tutoring Partner so that tutoring is MOST EFFECTIVE.

When snacks begin on Monday, October 19th, at 2:47 PM ONE responsible student from the GRADE LEVEL will come to the office with a reusable bag (we will give to you) and the tutoring attendance sheet. We will give the student snacks to bring back up to the classroom. ONE teacher will watch tutoring students during dismissal while the other teachers will take care of students being dismissed.


It’s was a great week watching most of you connect with parents and seeing so many parents come through as advocates for their children. It shows how much our parents do care about their kids and do want the best for their kids’ future! Thank you for being TRUE advocates and professionals for our students – THEY NEED YOU! All classroom teachers, with so much activity going on throughout the day and before/after school (a few of you have even chosen to do couple late nights) these couple weeks, we would like a log of your conference schedule sooner than later, so we have a good pulse of what is happening in the building and when – the deadline to turn in your conference schedule is Monday, October 12th.

Again, we have seen an increase of visitors this week and will continue to do so into next week due to classroom teachers having parent-teacher conferences before school, during planning, and after school. If you see a strange adult in our hallways, please be vigilant at making sure all visitors and guests have checked in in the school office. They should be wearing a badge or have a sticker. If they do not, please politely stop them and ask to assist them. Then politely request that they return to the office to check in and receive a visitors pass. SAFETY FIRST!!

Teachers, please bring a HARD COPY of your parent teacher conference schedule to Juanita first thing this week. Since she is the main "gatekeeper" of the school, it will be beneficial for her and the other office staff to know who teachers are expecting and who teachers are not. This will expedite the procedures up front. If there are any changes or additions to the schedule, please alert Juanita.

Also, teachers, if you have any conferences BEFORE or AFTER school, please be wary about the parent being able to access the main building. Depending on the time of your conference, Juanita and the office staff may not be available to let the parents in. You may need to make arrangements to meet the parent in the office area to let them in. To ease timing, If available before or after school, the conference room may be utilized to hold a parent-teacher conference in order to be more time-efficient. Just check. The official office hours are 7:30AM to 3:45PM.

Please keep a log of conferences held (and attempts to conference) and turn in the log of all your conferences to Carlene for your PDAS file by October 16th.


A reminder that tracking forms (both goldenrod forms and ESL forms) were given out to K-6 classroom teachers on September 24th. Thank you to all the diligent teams who have been collecting information on their students. Please bring your tracking binders to GLIM on Thursday, October 15th.


STUDENT ATTENDANCE HAS A DIRECT IMPACT ON OUR PEIMS NUMBERS, WHICH HAS A DIRECT IMPACT ON OUR STATE FUNDING. Going forward, attendance must be entered by 9:30 each day. Each week, friendly reminders will go out to those teachers who have not taken attendance on time throughout the week. After three friendly reminders in one grading period, the reminder will be in the form of a professional memo and added to your personnel file. If you are having any issues with your attendance, please address it immediately with one of our Focus leads (Jessica or Amanda) or seek the HelpDesk.


Reminder- as stated in the staff handbook: Personal days must be requested at least 5 days in advance, and must be approved by a principal. Principals reserve the right to approve or deny personal day requests based on the needs of the students and school. In order for an absence to be approved, a substitute MUST already be reserved, and the name of a substitute that has agreed in advance to teach for you needs to be included on the form. If a substitute is not found, the personal day will not be approved.


It is EXTREMELY important that ALL teachers are honoring the times of special area schedules. Classroom teachers, we need you to be on time to drop off and pick up your classes. Special Area teachers, we need you to be vigilant at sticking to your allotted times -- especially at the end of the day. There is a trickle effect of just a couple minutes here and there that end up significantly impacting other operations or other classes, from lunch to instruction to dismissal.


The committee sign up list can be viewed on Google Drive but is no longer available for editing . If you did not sign up, you will be assigned a committee. Your actual contribution to the committee will impact your PDAS. Signing up is NOT considered contributing to the committee; your actual contribution to the purpose of the committee is considered participation.

A few committee chairs have already started the ball rolling -- thank you! Good news: our committees are large, so we should have great support in the various committee charges. Bad news: our committees are large, so it may be difficult to get everyone to meet. Keep in mind, we don't expect everyone to always be able to meet each time a meeting is called, HOWEVER, we do expect that everyone is responsible for finding out ways they can contribute to the committee charges.


General rule of thumb -- Subs do not want to come back to schools who are not prepared for them OR who do not appreciate them. Remember, we forget how important they are until... we don't have them!


REMINDER: if a student is removed from class or sent to the office for any portion of the day, please send work with that student - sometimes the student isn't able to be addressed right away and should be doing something while he/she waits; otherwise, if the student does not have work with them, the student ends up being rewarded by avoiding work.

At times, depending on severity of an incident, students are sent to ICS (In Class Suspension) for a part of the day or for an entire day. When this occurs, the student completes work in another classroom, usually at a different grade level. When you are notified of the placement for one of your students, please make sure sufficient work is provided to the teacher taking the student.


Anyone is welcome to submit entries to our weekly staff newsletter. Please email any submission requests to Carlene by the Thursday before publishing.


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Kinder KARES to Klean Up!

Ms. Reynolds submission.


October 12 - 16

Wontor - Student Entrance @ 7:20 (Stop students to breakfast at 7:50-Give stop sign to last student.)

Caten - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Baker - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Cafe -- 2 teachers monitoring cafeteria, 1 teacher in food line

Coleman - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Benavides - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Rivera - Expedite Food Line


E. Williams - Student Entrance @ 7:20 (Stop students to breakfast at 7:50-Give stop sign to last student.)

A. Wiliams- Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Wimberly - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Cafe -- 2 teachers monitoring cafeteria, 1 teacher in food line

Holloway - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Tribble- Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Jacob- Expedite Food Line

Staff Flu Shots

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 3:15-4:15pm

12600 Audelia Road

Dallas, TX

In the Teachers' Lounge

Please see the nurse's email from 10/8 for more details.

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* The First Grade and Kinder Teams -- for supporting your teammate! The teams responded to the needs of their team without hesitation! Exemplary!

* Roger Westbrook and the BP Team -- for being positive and flexible in Trevor Williams' absence, even on days a sub was unavailable!! You did well -- the kids did well!

* Amy Sebastian, Polly Schwartz, Sarah Dye, and Carlla Holt -- for being flexible with their schedules to support teachers and students with some "SPECIAL" needs!

* Lynn Brown and Jade Gonzales -- for allowing teachers from the district to "invade" their classrooms and observe their talent!


  • October 5-16 -- Parent Teacher Conferences - Report Cards to Parents @ Conferences

  • Monday, October 12 - Staff Development (All staff - all day)
  • Tuesday, October 13 - Tutoring begins
  • Wednesday, October 14 -- Technology in-service during planning with Janeye
  • Thursday, October 15 -- GLIMs -- MEET TODAY - Bring Tracking Binders; STAFF MEETING @ 3:15 (ELPS)
  • Thursday, October 22 -- GLIMS -- MEET TODAY; STAFF MEETING @ 3:15
  • Thursday, October 29 -- GLIMS -- MEET TODAY; NO STAFF MEETING
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Trevor and his wife welcomed a new baby boy last week! We are very happy for you! Please share some photos soon!