Christmas Tree Festival

get your fresure fur trees now Now NOW


Hi welcome to the first annual Christmas tree festival. You should come to the christmas tree festival because there is wonderful things there.I hope you love this Christmas festival.


At the first annul christmas festival we have singers and dancers.So come on down and get a christmas tree.


Our entertainers are balloon people. We have all types of music. we have some magic people to entertain little kids. we also have some dancers like clogging,scottish,and jazz.we also have some fiddlers,banjios,guitars.

Arts and Crafts

At the Christmas tree festival there will be lots of arts and crafts. There will be jewelry, pottery, hats, scarfs, wood carving, weaving, ordaments, gengerbread art, and pictures. Its going to be great!


At the festival there will be alot of food and vender like apples, poultry eggs ,turkey and all kinds of other stuff.I hope you have a good time.


At the festival there is a microphone,electrial hookups and extension cords and enjoy.


Hi don't you like christmas! We have you're favorite holiday the christmas tree festival.


Hi there is alot of people that own orchards.They hope you love the things that they do.