Grade 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 16 Christmas Term 2015: 30th November - 4th December

Dates for the Diary

Tuesday December 8th- Moving On Up Day- children will have the chance to meet their new Grade 2 Teacher

Tuesday December 8th- Christmas Pantomime Show (for students only)

Thursday 10th December - Class Party / Exit Point

Friday 11th December - Last day of term - Early Dismissal @ 12.20pm

Highlights of the Week

The highlight of the week has of course been the class nativity plays - what truly joyful and wonderful occasion. Each and every child shined brightly and enjoyed the experience tremendously.

Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend.

The Grade 1 Team

Language Arts


We have been working on the skill of retelling a story this week. We know that the reason we read is for meaning! We have been identifying the main events and discussing the themes in what we have read.

We have been reading lots of letters too - we particularly enjoy reading the letters we get from our friends!


This week we finished off our invitations to parents, inviting them to the Nativity Plays. We have also been reflecting on what we have learnt in the Functional Writing (letter writing) Unit in Writer's Workshop.

Parents, please write a letter or note in reply if you receive a letter from your child! You might like to write a surprise letter for your child and leave it somewhere they will find it, such as in their lunch box, in a shoe or under their pillow!

Spelling, Phonics and Grammar

This week we have been focusing on suffixes and learning about how they change the meaning of words. We have covered /ness/ and /er/ in spelling this week. (-ness kindness, -er as in kinder).


The handwriting for this week has been focused on revisiting some of the joins covered and using them in sentences.


We have wrapped up our last chapter on Money and have been practising with our play money in various role-playing situations in the classroom. For example, purchasing stamps for our letters, buying Christmas decoration supplies from the 'shop'.

Though we've completed our lesson objectives for the year, we're still continuing to practise all the skills and concepts we've learnt. We'll be revisiting and reinforcing some of the concepts learnt through more role-playing as well as Mathematics games.

IPC - Let's Celebrate!

This week the children have embraced the party planning and have been enjoying a variety of craft activities in order to get our classrooms looking festive and ready for our Christmas Party Exit Point next week!

Virtue of the Week: Generosity!

'For it is in giving that we receive.'

Francis of Assisi

This week the children have been working on showing the virtue of generosity. We show our generosity when we give of our selves, our time and possessions without expecting anything in return. We need to use wisdom together with generosity, making sure that we share and give wisely. Please use the language of the virtues at home and acknowledge your child when you see them showing their generosity!

Looking Ahead

We will working on the virtue of thankfulness next week!