March Offerings

"The just shall live by faith."

Eunice Silva

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Visiting Hospital (3)

We evangelised in the Hospital close to Phoenix, this lady in the picture below was crying because of so much pain she was in. We brought her to the church and when the pastor prayed for her she was immediately healed. It was indeed a blessed day!!!
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Take a decision (5)

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I have being procrastinating for a long time to make exercises and have a healthier diet. But through this offering I could see that I cannot leave for later anymore.

So I decided to stop drinking fizzy drinks.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Exercice at list 2 times a week.

Replace cooking oil for coconut oil.

Replace table salt for pink salt.

Brown sugar and less sugar in my coffee.

Drink more water.

Also I have being already to do my dentist check up and everything was fine. Soon I will make an appointment with the GP and Gynaecologist for check up.

Right word at the right time. (9)

When we obey God’s voice we are strong, when we don’t obey we are weak.

Esther had wisdom and direction because she was sensitive to God’s voice.

That made her strong when she needed most.

Our mouth speaks from what the heart is full. When we are well with God we become like the spring of living waters wherever we go, but when we are not well, if we are not one with him, I mean if we are not living by faith, if we are living by emotions we end up speaking what we are not supposed to speak.

I have being praying everyday that God may give me this wisdom that comes from Him. That I may know when to open my mouth and when I should remain quiet and just trust in Him.