Bussiness concepts

Why we chose Pacesetter and style

Amy and I chose the topic Pace Setter, the reason we chose the topic is because we both us the website and both love the site . The style sets high performance standards for self and the group.

The group it belongs to

The group of theories Pacesetter belongs to is Contingency theories, the style doesn't require to take a problem a specific way. You just need support from your team members, linking all the leadership styles. Pacesetter is a highly negative in the environment in which its used because its demanding the employees to do what the superior is doing and to do it right away, correctly.

What Pacesetter requires

History and Pros, Cons

Daniel Goleman, the founder of Pacesetter theories, when he started the pacesetter idea, the thought in his mind it to make it set both high standards for themselves and those they are leading. The pro of the pacesetter is the leadership style is they are able to quickly achieve business results. The cons is the style has a negative effect on the work environment.

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