British perspective

Alyssa Cohen

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre, or also known as the Boston riot, was a street fight that occurred in Britain with a patriot mob throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks, to a squad of British soldiers. As an outcome, The Royal Governor evacuated the occupying army from the town of Boston. The Boston Massacre was not a battle, so it wasn't won or lost by anyone. Though the conflict between sides did cost the lives of several colonists.

French and Indian war

This war was fought between Great Britain and its two enemies, the French and the Indians of North America. The British needed somewhere to stay while they were protecting colonies so they enforced rules called the quartering act which required the rebels to let them in their home.

The stamp act 1765

The stamp was fair because we were in debt from a war we fought against American colonies. We started taxing stamps, and other paper products throughout the colony to pay the debt off from the war. Also we needed money to pay for troops stationed in North America this was for the seven year war. We have our own currency so we wanted to be payed with it rather than their worthless paper money. We were in North America during the seven year war to make money off of the people their even though the Americans didn't want us there because they were trying to fight the Indians off.

One way the British could have prevented the war was by not putting taxes on the Americans. By doing so this would have not upset them into wanting to fight with them.

Another way they could have prevented the war is giving the Americans the opportunity to have their opinion on how to solve the problem with taxes.

Britain losing to the rebels effected them by making them weaker and therefore they're easier to act. Several attacks on the merchants ships and they were captured by the enemy's.

Their debt was increased a significant amount because of the war they lost.