The Savanna Grasslands Biom


What is the savanna

The savanna is a biom were many plants and animals call home.

What are abiotic features

Biotic Factors of the savanna

1. Lions.

2. Baboons

3. Gazzel

4. Zebra

5. Hyaena

6. Giraffe

7. Lizards

8. Birds

9. Acicia trees

10. Grasses

Abiotic factors

1. Weather

2. Water

3. Sunlight

4. Soil

Were the ecosystem is located

The savanna grassland is located in parts of Europe, China, and South America.

What is the ecosystem's climate

The climate of the savanna is warm, moist, humid, and damp.

How do people use the land in your ecosystem

People use the savanna's land for farming and agriculture things and stuff.

By: Justice