Statue of Zeus

Ancient wonder of the world

all about the statue of Zeus

by David Waits

The statue of Zeus was built in 432 BC out of ivory and gold-plated plates on wooden frame.Phidias built the statue for the Greek god Zeus.the statue was built in Olympia Greece.It does not exist anymore because first it was destroyed by an earthquake and then when people tried to rebuild it, it got destroyed by a fire.why people call the statue of Zeus a wonder is because of its amazing interior sculpting. It was decided that the temple alone was too simple to be worthy of Zeus. To remedy this, a statue was commissioned for the interior with an elaborate throne and a statue so big the head nearly hit the ceiling. The statue was very much like the Lincoln Memorial or Jefferson Memorial with their lofty marble columns and single large statues. The remains of the workshop where it was built was found during an excavation in the 1950's.