Role of iPad in Child’s Play!

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iPad has been an amazing device ever since its launch way back in 2010. Much was talked about the device when it was launched and many speculated that it will not be able to survive since it did not targeted the any particular need and that it was something ahead of its time. But Apple proved every one wrong and iPad have been doing tremendously good since its inception. That’s the reason that we have so many different versions of the device coming up, the most recent being iPad mini.

Well the iPad was initially thought to be a device for youngsters only just like iPod, laptop and etc. But to competitors dismay the device proved to be a popular one not among the target market but also in the other markets that were not initially targeted for the device. Most surprising target market for the device is the young children as young as kinder garden going children.

The role of iPad in child’s play is very impressive and clearly we can see the impact of technology in today’s age. It is remarkable to see that how things have impacted our daily lives and how the way of living has changed from the traditional modes.

There has been a recent study that shows that according to a survey that was conducted keeping the young children as the base; iPad has been playing an important role in learning and is redefining the e- learning experience. The study is conducted by Queens land university of Technology and this study has done involving parents, children and their teachers. It has been a year now that this study has been going on.

There has been studies in the past that have checked the usage of iPad and other devices in e learning among young children but this study is different as it involves iPad development and involves iPad application development. This study is especially on the impact of apps development on e learning. Children are using this amazing device to get more creative and learn new things using the great apps. Apps that are being used by schools for learning include apps for making artwork, puppetry, photography and more.

Apps are doing great work and developers whether they are Facebook app developers or iPad or any smart phone app developers have done a great job!