Bronco Chronicles

Volume 12, Week 11/7 - 11/11/16

Principal's Message

Goooooood morning #BroncoStrong faulty and staff. The twelfth week of school has been totally awesome! We have had a strong start to the third six weeks. Report cards went out on 11/10 during second period, and today our Core Value winners will be announced. In addition, you will find out who won the attendance pizza party and popcorn party. We have lots coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned in to the Chronicles, the announcements, FaceBook and Twitter.

We will attend the HS Pep Rally today so let's get prepared to win back the spirit stick! Don't forget, our Junior High Thanksgiving Feast will be on 11/15 and parents are encouraged to come and have lunch with their kiddo. Now let's have a blessed day and make it the BEST Friday of the week. Don't forget to stay #BroncoStrong!

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Friendly Reminders

1. Complete the BJHS Failure Report by 11/12. (make sure you select the 2nd six weeks tab)

2. Submit GT nominations by 11/22.

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Upcoming Events

1. Free Soccer Skills Clinic on 11/12 at the Breckenridge Soccer Fields. 11-16 years need to be there by 10:15.

2. JH Thanksgiving Lunch at our B&B Café on 11/15 - Parent please come and join your kiddo for a delicious Thanksgiving feast!

3. Faulty Luncheon - 11/18....see the email from Mrs. Boles.

4. Yearbooks are on sale for the price of $18....after Thanksgiving, the price goes up.

Differentiated Instruction
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Where I’m Headed

By Trevon L.

I want to be a game designer when I graduate. I want to do this because it requires creativity and I use lots of creativity when I make small games. Game designing can be both fun and stressful. The fun part is being able to make the game however you want. The stressful part however, is when people open up their game making software and don't know what to do. To accomplish my goal I know I will have to work on my scripting skills. Scripting is also very difficult for me and many others. Although I will have challenges, I think I can accomplish my dream of becoming a game designer.

A step I must take to accomplish my goal is to go to college. Full Sail University is the best University to go for many game designers. I hope one day to attend Full Sail so I can accomplish my goal of being a game designer. I know I must focus now, to help enable me to be accepted to Full Sail University. Lots of voice actors, famous gamer designers, and artist graduated from Full Sail University. I plan to go there once I graduate.

I have intentions to make a game based off my favorite game, "Monster Hunter". Using my creativity and skills I will learn will make my dreams come true. Never give up on your dreams and you will be able to achieve your dream goals.