September 22 - September 26, 2014

Professional Conversation with Tiffany Neal!

On Thursday, September 25, Tiffany Neal, Literacy Trainer for the Fossil Ridge Feeder Pattern will be visiting North Riverside. She will be conducting short focus groups during your planning time in the PLC room (Amber's Office). She would like to learn how can she help you. The literacy trainers are asking each campus questions such as:

  • Please introduce yourself, how long have you been teaching total, in this grade level?
  • How comfortable are you with comprehension toolkit, balanced literacy, reading/writing workshop, interactive read alouds and guided reading?
  • What do you use as an assessment tool? What do you use to group your students? How do you set up and maintain stations?

This total experience should take no more than 10-15 minutes for the entire group. She would like the opportunity to speak to everyone - no matter what you teach (content or language). This is our opportunity to reach out and request the assistance we have need. I am looking forward to the conversation!!

After School Tutoring Opportunity

We are in need of 5 teachers who would commit to after school tutoring 3 times a week until 4:30pm (Monday - Wednesday). This extended day opportunity will be offered to targeted students using Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention System (LLI). Teachers will earn $22 per hour for their service. We would love to start at the beginning of the second six weeks. The Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention System (LLI) is a small-group, supplementary literacy intervention designed to help teachers provide powerful, daily, small-group instruction for the lowest achieving students at their grade level.

If you are interested, please send your name using this link.

Reminders and Expectations!

  • Teachers are required to conference with each parent prior to the conclusion of the first grading cycle. The early release day, October 3rd will be set aside as the designated parent conference time. Documentation of each conference will be kept in Aware. Here is the link to Progress Reports and Report Cards due dates. Assignments should be graded and posted in the electronic gradebook within 72 hours with exception of complex projects, essays, or assignments that require extensive teacher feedback or review.

  • Progress monitoring training on Thursday from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Our ISTs will provide training on Aimsweb, CPAA and TPRI progress monitoring. We will meet in the library at first and then we will break into K-2 and 3-4 groups.

  • Other Staff of the Six Weeks: There other supporting staff who on a daily basis work really hard for the proper functioning of our school. Please nominate a staff member for this six weeks period by Friday September 26. Click here to nominate Other Staff of the Six Weeks

  • Keep promoting the Take the First STEP Together health challenge. The focus of this week will be NuTrition (Sept. 22-26) – 5-a-Day Nutrition Challenge (sponsored by Sodexo)

Monthly Luncheon

During leadership meeting it was asked if Monthly Luncheon should be discontinued. Please use the following link to vote if you would like to continue doing the luncheons or not. Please vote by Friday September 26 at 3:00pm. You may vote only once. Here is the link to vote.

Fire Drill

Thank you for ensuring our students safety! Here are a few reminders:

  • Use your Green sheet if everyone is accounted for
  • Use your Red sheet if you are missing any students
  • Take your crisis bag and student information as you walk out
  • Close your classroom door to keep fire from spreading

Lockdown Drill

This week we will have a Lockdown Drill on Thursday afternoon. Please remember the following:
  • Everyone is to stay where they are.
  • Quickly glance outside the room to direct any students or staff members in the hall into your room immediately.
  • Lock your door. Your door should remain locked and you should use the magnet at all times.
  • Cover your door's window.
  • Lower or close any blinds.
  • Place students against the wall, so that the intruder cannot see them looking in the door.
  • Turn out lights and computer monitors.
  • Keep students quiet.


Nurture respect Responsibility Encourage Soar to success

NRES expectations will be posted in the hallways and restrooms this week. Please use these when reinforcing positive behaviors. Thank you so much for using the tickets in the common areas.

Here is a list of suggested non-tangible items for your review. Please look for prizes you would not be able to provide in the classroom so that we can remove it from the list. We will create small coupons in exchange of tickets for these prizes.

It would be great if students can add items to this list. Please ask your students which prizes they would like to see and use this link to submit additional items your students would like to work for. Click here to submit more ideas.

1. Spend 10 minutes with a staff member of your choosing (doing whatever you want!)

2. No shoes pass

3. Sit in the teacher’s chair for the day

4. Draw on the white board

5. Hat Pass

6. 10 min. extra computer time

7. Be line leader (or caboose) for the day

8. Stuffed animal pass

9. Read a book out loud to the class (or a younger class)

10. “Free” trip to the treasure box

11. Show and tell pass

12. Use a clipboard in class

13. Read with a buddy

14. Read a book to the class

15. Free draw time

16. No homework pass

Istation at NRES!

Oliver will provide 101 Istation training on Thursday during the first part of progress monitoring training this week.

We can see that most Second and Third grade students have taken Istation for the month of September. First grade is at about half way done just like 4th grade.

These assessments provide valuable information about our students. Remember that for those students who took the assessment already, the system has now designed instructional support at the level the students are currently working at. They may work at least 30 minutes a week on Istation to address their needs.

Big image
Big image
Big image

Student Attendance

During the leadership meeting, the team came up with a recognition system by grade level. The class with the best attendance will get to have a spirit stick hanging by their door. If there is a tie, then the winner will be the class with the least number of tardies. We will start this at beginning of the second six weeks.

During Rocket Rally, we will have a representative from Horace Mann who will present to students the challenge to win a Tablet. The rules will be that students who have perfect attendance and no Tardies (recognized absences will not count against) will enter a drawing for the tablet.

Our attendance goal this year is to reach at least 97%. The graph below shows our attendance rate by day this week.

Big image

Staff Celebrations from Last Week

One person commented: "I love the newsletter this year. I can tell the thought and work that has been put into it, and it contains much valuable information all in one spot"

Another person commented: "When giving the TPRI to one of my students in Kindergarten, HE read the story TO ME off of our iPad! They don't read stories until 1st grade on the TPRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)"

Where is Everyone this Week?

Monday 22: Data Talk (Jackie and Oliver) @ 3 p.m. (Lone Star Room)

Tuesday 23: Instructional Rounds (Jackie - Timberview All Day)

Tuesday 23: Guided Reading Training (Oliver - Heritage 12 noon - 3 p.m.)

Wednesday 24: Everyone on Campus

Thursday 25: Everyone on Campus Kindergarten Yellow Day

Friday 26: Everyone on Campus

Staff Birthdays

Amber Richards - Sept. 25

Janice Freeman - Sept 27

Aida Hernandez - Sept. 28

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