Quatrième semaine

Les nouvelles de Mme Hansbrough

Chapitre Trois - Le Temps

Semaine 5

1. Le Temps, Writing 3A

2. Le Temps, Discussion 3B

3. Le Temps, Speaking 3C

4. Le Temps, Section 3 Quiz

5. Le Temps, Unit Exam

6. L'Heure, Discussion 1B

7. L'Heure, TPR Quiz 1C

8. L'Heure, Writing 1D

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Les nouvelles (the news)

Les nouvelles

1. My live session for Chapitre Trois-Le Temps will be on lundi à 9:30am(My original slot of Tuesday at 10am was taken so I had to change my time.) I will be providing the link if you cannot attend.

2. No online translators are permitted in the course. Please only use the grammar and vocabulary we are studying.

3. The best way to get in touch with me is by text - 770-714-0434! Much faster than email.

Other Live Sessions this week

Check the course homepage for the other live sessions next week!