Google Calendar

Using the Google calendar to sign up for carts.

Google calendar in Google Drive

Google Calendar is an easy way of keeping track of events, plans & tasks. It comes as part of having a Google account. Once you are logged into Google, just click the‘Calendar’ link at the top of Google Drive home page.

What are the benefits?

- Accessible from any internet connected computer

- It will synchronise with many other calendars including phones and Outlook

- You can have multiple calendars (more later)

- You can share each ‘multiple’ calendar, each with different levels of permissions

- Can set multiple reminder messages or emails

- Events can be one off or repeating

- The calendar can be viewed by day, week, month or agenda

Main action buttons and side bars in Google Calendar

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What’s an Event?

This is an entry in a calendar. It can be a one off or repeating. It can be the whole day or you can allocate a specific time for that event. You can also add lots of detail about

that event. There’s also a ‘Where’ field and if you put in a valid address then a link to Google Maps will automatically appear.

So how do I add an event, or modify an existing one?

For a new event just click any vacant spot on the calendar, or drag over a range of dates. A small popup form appears for data entry. If you want to add more detail, make it repeating etc then click the ‘Edit event’ link on it. For an existing event a single click opens the small popup, a double click opens the full range of options screen.

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Click on the calendar on the day and time you want to schedule the cart. This window will open. Type your name and don't forget to click the calendar tab and choose the cart you want.

If you need to move the time you can just drag the event on the calendar to a different time or click edit event to change any specifics.

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This is the window that will open when you click Edit Event. You can change many things here for your calendar event. If you need an odd time - click on the time window and type the time. You can also set an email and computer popup reminder for your event.

So what are these ‘multiple calendars’?

I like to think of them as ‘sub calendars’. For example We have sub calendars for the Laptop carts and the iPad cart. You can mix and match these sub calendars any way you like with just a mouse click. They can also be different colors so it’s easy to spot items on the main calendar. You can easily copy items between any of these sub calendars.

Ask about syncing your Google calendar to iCal

If you like using the iCal calendar on your Mac computer you can go to iCal preferences and add a Google calendar account. Make a help desk ticket and I will be glad to set it up for you.