Welcome to 6th Grade!

How should you behave on your first day of middle school?

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Classroom Expectations

In class you have a major responsibility to GET YOUR WORK FINISHED, be ready, respectful, and responsible and etc. Many teachers do not have the same teaching styles so if your going to make sure you always do your best, I suggest you follow how they teach. Many teachers will cut you some slack on the first few weeks of school, just to get used to things. Having 7 teachers, 7 classes, and a great deal of homework from each of your teachers can be a lot of work it you make it that way. Getting to class on time will be a big responsibility to take on. You get 5 minutes in the morning to get your stuff, get a drink, or go to the bathroom. You also get 3 minutes to transition from class to class everyday. If you are staying in a class a little bit late in a class, make sure you get a pass from your teacher so you can get to your next class, otherwise you will get swept or be tardy to your next class which is never helpful because it sets you behind to go get a pass. In the mornings, just like you did in elementary, you will sit in the spot that your grade sits in which will be right when you walk into the gym to the right. Every morning in the gym is the same as elementary except you don't have to sit with your homeroom. For the first year of middle school you may not be allowed to play sports because we want you to get used to how everything works.If you keep saying your going to get trampled by big kids, let me assure you...you wont. Anyway, you will still get to participate in 7th grade sports which are cheer leading,football,soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Middle school is going to be very fun for you if you make a fun year and follow some guidelines!

Strike System

10 strikes and your out!

When you get into 6th grade you will start out with 0 strikes. Every time you forget work, forget your Chromebook, your Chromebook is not charged , you have not completed an online assignment etc. you will get a strike. You can also get a strike for things like running in the hall, talking back to your teachers,or not keeping your hands to yourself.When you get 10 strikes you are out of the game. There will be something like field day called 6th grade Olympics that you cant participate in if you get 10 strikes. At the end of the year, if you have struck out, you will be sitting in Study Hall completing incomplete work.

Chromebook Care

In 6th grade you will get your own personal Chromebook to take home and do homework and other stuff. You will also get a Chromebook to charge your Chromebook and a case. You cant loose all of thee things because you have to give them back at the end of the year. In your case you should never put paper or folders or anything along with your Chromebook in the case. At the beginning of the year, you are given a chance to decorate your Chromebook and the case.When I say decorate, i don't mean you are going to get to draw all over your Chromebook. Do not put papers between the Chromebook screen and the keyboard. Take care of your Chromebook and don't drop it.
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