The Tea Taxing, is it Worth it?

The Boston Tea Party has taken it's place!

Patroits for British!

I cannot believe that the so-called ‘’Sons of Liberty” Loyalist group actually threw all of that tea into the harbor! They threw our three ships, the Dartmouth, the Beaver, and the Eleanor’s, tea into the sea! To be even more precise, it was £9,659 of tea, or in your times money, $1,700,000, that was ruined that night. That money would have give us almost 46 tons of tea! Or to be precise, 92,00 pounds of tea into the harbor. My good buddy Merchant John Andrews wrote in his December 18, 1773 letter, “ten thousand pounds sterling of the East India Company’s tea was destroyed the night, or rather the evening before last…” Anyway, in my thoughts, I didn’t think that they had thought that was their only ship of tea until the next sail of tea is off. But, i think they did because the next day, the majority of us thought that taking the tax down was best. I was outraged by this. If we back down, how in Boston are we going to show any strength and power for them to fear!?!? But, I guess that we were better off without it for a short while.

Loyalist for the US!

Those Patriots are nothing but greedy! why have they put a taxing on us so soon after the 1767 Townshend Revenue Act? They started taxing us for things like stamps, and the Boston Massacre was the output of what they had done! Do they want ANOTHER battle titled the bloodiest of them all? Us Loyalist pay a lot of money for our tea alone, so why do we need to be taxed for it? I, and all of the other Loyalist, understand that the British need to make money to pay for township things, but, like i said, we spend a lot of money on it anyway! So on Thursday, December 16, 1773, the members of the Sons Of Liberty all dressed up as Mohawk indians, went to the harbor with our mighty axes in hand, and threw the tea off of the ships into the sea below! We had, in the span of three whole hours, had smashed and thrown over 340 chest of tea containing over 92,000 pounds of tea into the harbor! That gave them a big lesson learner! December 17th, the day after the Boston Tea Party, was the last day of tea taxing.

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The stop to this nonsence!

On April 1775, when war between the patriots and loyalist began, the US was fighting for what they knew was their rights therefore them being people of the British. By the time summer took it’s turn of season, the Revolutionary War was in action! The Loyalist had pushed even farther from the claws of the British and Continental Congress has to take a vote that was faced on the issue. In 1776, in the middle of June, a committee of five men that contained Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were given the task of of writing a draft of the colonies’ statements. The draft was adopted by the group and was now called the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. The most prized part of the Declaration of Independence was all of the signatures and the famous phrase, “We The People”

What are Taxes?

Taxes, Taxes, what are you taxes?

I know that it’s money that you lose

they are like axes into a tree

Taxes, taxes, what are taxes?

Into your bank, they are haxes!