Vol. 3 November 30 2015

This Week in Class

Theme: Feeling Mad

Book: Calm Down Time

By: Elizabeth Verdick

Based on our Book of the Week, we will discuss and practice appropriate strategies the child can do when they are mad.


Objects, Places, Activities: Break, boy, girl

Actions: Count, play, breath, happy, mad

Modifiers: Time

Songs: “I Can Calm Down,” "If You're Mad and You Know It" song

Small Group: The children will practice appropriate strategies for responding when they are angry. These strategies are also presented in the book for this week.

Early Birds at Home

Many young children have difficulty calming themselves when angry or upset. This week we will focus on giving your child a word to express the feeling "mad", as well as offer additional strategies to help the child calm down. The children will practice taking deep breaths, stomping their feet and taking a break when they are mad. Please let us know what strategy your child responds to best and encourage him/her to use it at home. We encourage him/her to use it at home. We encourage you to support your child using these strategies at home. Feel free to use our supports!


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Early Bird Illness Policy

If you fear your child may be coming down with something, has a fever or virus, or has had a fever or virus within the past 24 hours, please keep him/her home. When the kids are not 100% well, they have difficulty learning and benefit less from being at school. Also, keeping them home helps prevent epidemics! If you know your child will be absent, please call or text 214-864-3013. Thank you for your cooperation!!!!