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AIESEC internships and projects

Dear students, some of you attented our infosessions a couple of weeks ago.
A small summary of what we told you:
We are the biggest student organization in the world, over 60 years and more then 113 countries.
Why would you go with us?
- Big network
meeting more people, same interests, social activities at your country of destination.
- Good price
- Challenge yourself!
- Flexible
- Personal approach

We offer Global Internships all over the world in different field.
For example:

Are you a student with a background in:
- Ecology
- Environmental protection
"Discover and explore Taiwan: Amazing farm journey, Fish farm" is an internship with a focus on learning about aquaculture, self dev...

elopment, communication skills and more. Follow the flow of aquaculture to cultivate skills and knowledge about feeding, checking, maintaining, and creating. Based on the host's instruction and experience, you can learn exactly the package of being a professional fish cultivation.
Biological Farm located in north of Taiwan.
6-8 weeks

We also offer Global Community Development Programmes:
In the GCDP, you will have the chance to develop your entrepreneurial skills and responsible leadership while creating direct positive impact, on the environment, through an international volunteering experience.
For example:

A project in Ghana, creating awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Duration 6-8 weeks.

If you want to know more send a email to: aiesec@wur.nl or visit our office at Generaal Foulkes weg 37

AIESEC Wageningen Parttime Board

AIESEC Wageningen Parttime Board

AIESEC is a great opportunity for you to accelerate your growth, develop a global mindset, expand your network and have fun while doing something valuable next to your studies.

Know that you want to apply?
Send CV+ motivation letter to aiesec@wur.nl
Deadline: 30 november