Ants have a lot of jobs. The nurse takes care of the larva. The queen makes the eggs. The diggers dig the holes. The forgers get the food.

What they eat

What they eat. They eat fungus. They eat catapilllars. They eat different

kinds of insects

Strong ants

what they can lift. They can lift sticks. They can lift leaves. They can lift small erasers. They can lift up to 100 times their weight. To us, that would be like carrying a 50-pound boulder!

Speedy Ants

Ants can be speedy. Seventy-eight F 1 per second. Eighty-five f 1-83 per second.92 F 5-81 per second. What eats ants. The ant lion hides in the sand when an ant goes over the ant lion ant he grabs the ant and goes back underground. The ant eater uses its tongue to get ants. Its tongue is super huge tongues.


Ants are cool creatures. What do you think about ants?