Yellowstone park

by Alexis Mellegard

Park History

European Americans were the first people to settle in Yellowstone over 11,000 years ago. However, it was established in 1872. A little over 10 years later in 1883 they built the railroad to get visitors easier access. The US Army kept the park in control from 1886 to 1918 then in 1918 the first park service was created. Then the first boundary adjustment of the park was made in 1929

Outdoor activites

Of course going to the park there are a lot of outdoor activities but here are some specifics:

  • back country camping and hiking
  • boating
  • biking
  • cross country skiing
  • fishing
  • guided tours
  • horseback riding

Problems the park is facing

The maintenance of the history buildings are falling apart and there is not enough money to keep up with the repairs. There is $9.5 billion maintenance fee to make the park sustainable. Forgien plants and other organisms are migrating to the park in fact, more than 6,500 non-native species that have came into the park. Climate change alone also affects the park, due to deforestation and low precipitation forest fires are more prone to happening. (work cited