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May 24 In Honolulu Hawaii

Hello, and welcome to your daily weather broadcast in Honolulu, HI. Do you like smores? Not the delicious kind! But the web kind. On May 24, 2013 in the morning, it is 71.5 degrees fahrenheit in Honolulu, HI. There is 0.00 inches of precipitation. The wind direction is going NE, at an outrageous speed of 3 mph. haha. The barometric pressure is 30.03”. The humidity percentage is PRETTY crazy out here in Honolulu, it’s 86% humidity. As we progress through the day it will be mostly cloudy out here with scattered showers. Better bring your rain jackets and umbrellas or you will get wet, there is high pressure this morning, and as we progress it will become low pressure and it will rain.

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Honolulu is a generally warm city because of the latitude which is about 16.55º. Honolulu HI is located very close to the equator which explains the heat. Honolulu ranges from 15 feet about sea level to 5,000 feet above sea level. This will cause moderate weather. So the weather never gets over the top hot but it does get hot due to the latitude, and never gets too cold. It’s always balanced out. This is due to the topography, and oceans. The ocean is what stops Honolulu from getting too hot. The ocean acts as a giant air conditioner for Honolulu Hawaii. There's your geography people of Earth!

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