Origami Owl Designer Opportunity


Get your Holly Jolly Box of Happy!

For a limited time, new Designers can get a super special holiday business kit. It has a whopping $825 value for only $199 and comes stocked with everything in the basic package, plus some new holiday exclusives (including limited edition holiday charms)! You will also earn 100PV (personal volume) which will count to your Soar To Success program (see below for more details on that and why it's such awesome news!). There are a limited number, so go here to get started. There's no better time than the present! I can't wait to start this adventure with you!

Say Hello: Join the Origami Owl Family

The Opportunity

As a Designer with Origami Owl, you'll help others create stylish one of a kind personalized jewelry that shares their story and the things that are important to them. You can own your own business, earn money with our lucrative career plan and have FUN! You'll enjoy the FLEXIBILITY of working for yourself while doing something you LOVE.

Origami Owl's mission is to be a force for good; to love, inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams + empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.


It's not just about the money you earn, but how that money can change your life and impact others.

  • Get Paid What You're Worth - Origami Owl offers one of the highest personal commissions in the home party industry.
  • Earn Money Quickly - Arrange a Jewelry Bar and keep the profits that night.
  • Become A Leader - Mentor a team of Independent Designers and earn additional income on their sales volume.
  • Enjoy Rewards - Earn recognition, grow as an individual and enjoy the fun perks we have in store for you!


As an Origami Owl Independent Designer, make your business whatever you want it to be.

  • Create fun, personalized Jewelry Bar® experiences with your Hostesses.
  • Tailor your business to reflect your life priorities.
  • Work the hours that work best for you.
  • Balance family time.


We make it easy for you to reach your dreams.

  • Your Business Package includes everything you need to start your Origami Owl business.
  • You have access to an online training suite with resources at your fingertips 24/7.
  • You're paired with a Mentor, who will be with you every step of the way.

The Benefits of Origami Owl

Origami Owl offers:

  • One of the highest paid commission plans in the industry (50% on Charms, Plates and Dangles + 30% on all other jewelry). Commissions are paid weekly.
  • Soar To Success program to help you earn valuable rewards in your first 90 days of being a new designer (see details below).
  • Access to affordable medical, supplemental, dental and life insurance through Agentra.
  • The opportunity to get credit for college classes to jumpstart your career.
  • A generous company sponsored hostess program. Click HERE for an example.
  • A competitive Career Plan. Becoming a Team Leader can significantly increase your income and be a rewarding experience as you help women achieve their dreams. Team Commissions are paid monthly.
  • You earn personal volume for all jewelry purchases including those purchased for a party, by customer or wholesale order.
  • Earn generous incentive trips to amazing destinations like Cabo or Maui!
  • You are not alone in this journey! With Origami Owl you will have a team of Designers to help you along the way. From mentors that will help guide you through your first Jewelry Bar and answer your questions to fellow Designers who will offer support and encouragement.

Your journey is about to begin! Which package will you choose to launch your business?

Origami Owl Starter Kit - Only $149
If you enjoy being a force for good, paying it forward, or wearing the color aqua blue with occasional pops of pink then this kit is for you. This kit does not include a real live owl or any kind of living animal. Origami Owl is not a paper folding company. Be prepared for continuous dance parties which are sometimes uncomfortable but we dance anyways. Members of this video are part of the O2 family and you are welcome to join too. The opportunity is waiting.
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Business Kit Video

See what's included in your Origami Owl Business Kit, featuring our beautiful 16 year old founder, Bella.
Business Kit Video
Password: ookit
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Additional Details

  • There is no monthly minimum until you become a team leader and wish to earn team commissions.
  • Subscribe to the O2 Bundle. For just $10/month, you will get a personal e-commerce website, online sales leads, contact manager and a monthly customer newsletter.
  • Additional costs may include catalogs, order forms, business cards, display items, etc.

Soar To Success

When you reach your 30, 60 and 90 day personal sales goals you will earn exciting rewards that will help to enhance your Jewelry Bar® display. Earn even more great rewards when you sponsor your first three Designers within your first 90 days!
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Meet The Girl Who Started It All...

"My name is Bella and I am the founder of Origami Owl. When I started in 2010, I had no idea Origami Owl would sky rocket into the company it is today. I was a 14-year-old with a dream to buy a car for my 16th birthday. So I started selling customizable jewelry! From selling to friends and family, to offering an amazing opportunity to people everywhere, I kept my eye on my dream. You see, Origami Owl isn't just about the jewelry; it's about embracing the fact that there is nothing we can't achieve if we believe in ourselves. I hope my story has inspired you to follow your passion and never give up."

{LOVE} Bella

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Owlette Ambassador Circle

A unique feature of Origami Owl is that mothers and daughters (or sons), as young as 12 years old, can team up to launch a business together. The Owlette monthly training led by 18 year-old co-founder, Bella, strives to inspire the girls to be strong leaders within their peer groups and schools. It teaches them finance, how to run their own businesses, how to be confident and successful, and to realize that, like Bella, they can reach their dreams.

President and co-founder Chrissy Weems shared her passion, “This is an effort geared towards building mother-daughter bonds, creating young entrepreneurs, as well as empowering America’s youth. I am so excited about how this strengthens young women and prepares them for a bright and promising future while allowing them such a wonderful way to spend time with their moms.”

The opportunity with Origami Owl can help your child learn invaluable skills like managing money, developing personal skills and achieving goals all while spending quality time together. View the stories of these Mother-Daughter Teams: Tami & Madi and Kim & Meghan.

To become a Mother/Daughter team, the parent will join first. Additional forms to add your child will be completed after your invitation has been accepted.

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Apply Now!

We're looking for motivated individuals with passion, drive + a little spunk! Think you have what it takes? Join today!

Go to wofforddesign.origamiowl.com to begin your journey!

  • Confirm that my Mentor ID: 13120376 is listed so you are added to my team.

  • You will need your credit card and social security number.
  • Please complete the registration in one sitting. After you enter your social security number, it will be locked in the system and will make completing your registration more difficult.
  • Your official invitation will arrive to your inbox within 24-48 hours. Please check your junk, spam or promotion folders. Accept the invitation and then you are officially an Origami Owl Independent Designer!

While you wait for your invitation:

  • Decide your website address. www. _______ .origamiowl.com. You can use your name or a phrase that is meaningful to you. My website is www.wofforddesign.origamiowl.com because I simply chose my last name, with "design" since I used to be an interior designer. You can get as creative as you want, or make it simple. What will yours be? You can check availability of websites by typing them in your web browser before joining.
  • When you become a registered Origami Owl Designer your customers will have immediate access to your personal e-commerce website. Share it with everyone!
  • Let me know when you join! I’ll send you training materials and information to help get you started!

Contact Me

Please contact me any questions. I'd love to be a part of your journey to becoming an Origami Owl Independent Designer.