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For Transportation you should use a Plane because you cant drive across the ocean but you could use boat if you want to see things going across the ocean. If you fly to Australia from North America it'll 14-15 hours to get from North America to Australia's West Coast or it'll take an extra 4-5 hours to get from North America to Australia's East Coast for a total of 19-20 hours to get there

what are some things Australians eat

I think you've heard the term "put another shrimp on the Barbie" well you don't have to they have already done it Australians love shrimp they'll have it on every minute if they could. Australians also love hamburgers there is this burger called "the lot" it has everything on it cheese lettuce pickles tomato anything you would expect on a burger its on there.

Weather in Australia

The weather in Australia stays between 60-100 Degrees Fahrenheit. Its so warm everyday all day but just because its warm doesn't mean its dry there are a lot of theunder storms throughout Australia.

Currency In Australia

Money in Australia is called an 'Australian Dollar'. $1 in the USA is $1.29 in Australia but $10.00 in Australia is $7.74 in the USA so basically it is .29 cents from USA to Australia but its -.26 cents if you go from Australia to USA.

Main Attractions

Some of the Main Attractions in Australia is the Sydney Opera House & The Great Barrier Reef. the Sydney Opera House is located on Bennelong Point, Sydney, Australia. The Great Barrier Reefs located in Queensland, Australia.

Some Phrases in Australia

"G'day" is "Hello" is Australian "Cherrio" is "Goodbye." Some other things you should know is "Ow Ya Goin'" is how the say "How Are You", "Cheers" is "Thanks." & "You Right?" means "Do You Need Any Help?" & "Crickey" means "Wow"