Hemispheric Dominance

By: Timothy Clark

Test Results

As you know we took a test to see what are hemispheric dominance is. For my test results I answered 9 right brained questions and 10 left brained question. This means I am a mixture between both hemispheres.

Jobs That "Left Brained" People Usually Go for

As a "left brained' person it says I try to go for jobs like a librarian, mathematician, a judge, etc. But to me I disagree with these jobs, I personally think that these jobs are boring to do. And these jobs are things I don't really like to do as thing for living.

Right Brain

For my right brain side of the things I like to be shown what to do instead of asked to. I also like to draw pictures instead of writing sometimes. And also I like to deduce things and come up with a theory.
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