Capital city

the capital of japan is tokyo

tokyo is a city equal in sophisication and style as New york and London

Traditional foods

raw horse meat is a very popular food in japan

sumo wrestlers eat a stew called Chankonabe to fatten up before their matches

noodels are slurped to indicate they are enjoying them and also to cool them down at the same time.

Raw horse meat ---->

Main celebrations

Japans main celebration is shogatsu (new year) many bussiness don't open until January 4th


The main religions in japan are Christianity,islamism,Hinduism,Buddhism


The current president of japan is shinzō Abe


In Japan, being thin isn’t just the price.Companies must now measure worker waistlines. More and more Japanese citizens are seeking help from obesity clinics in order not to break the new fat law you pay for fashion or social acceptance


japans population is estimated at around 127 million people making it the 10th largest population in the world

Traditional clothing

The kimono is the traditional dress of Japan, and it is worn nowadays on formal occasions. It is sometimes accused of being an impractical form of dress, but it has the advantage of giving the wearer a graceful and elegant deportment(or the way they walk)


The currency Japanese use is yen.

Land size


Japan is located in Asia between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.


Health of the country


Natural resources

origin of name

The name for Japan in Japanese is Nippon (sometimes Nihon) which means “Land of the Rising Sun.” This name was given because of Japan’s location to the east of China, the direction in which the sun rises