Weekly Wrap-Up

Classical Conversations at New Hope

A Note from your Director . . .

It's Week 6! That means another Nature Walk - yea! Pray with me for good weather! If it does look like rain we have a back up plan and business will be as usual on campus Tuesday. Look for more details in a separate email. Also, please note that this Nature Walk will include lunch off campus at the park so if all goes as planned we will NOT be ordering pizza this Tuesday. *** Don't forget to bring the Nature Journals Tuesday for our walk!

Coming soon . . . Fall Break Oct. 6, Week 7 is Oct. 13 and students need their tin whistles!

Just for fun:

Stop and smell the roses! Fall is a great time to explore the outdoors. The kids and I went out Wednesday morning and found a fantastic spider web and were able to observe a grasshopper land on it and the spider wrap it in it's web. Amazing work of God!

Have a fantastic weekend!