George Burroughs-Accused Minister

Salem Witch Trials, 1692

Who was George Burroughs?

George Burroughs was a former minister that lived in Salem during the Witch Trials. He was the first and the only minister to be accused of witchcraft. He didn’t always live in Salem, he used to live in Wells, Maine in which he had to flee from after the Indians attacked.Also that’s where an accuser as a child lived,and later became an accuser.He came to Salem in 1680s. When he moved to Salem, he was respected by people and neighbors.People said he was humble,kind and heroic.Sadly enough, he was stolen from. He had a wife when he fled but later she died, then he remarried another woman and a year later she died, this caused some of the problems in the witch trials. In the trials, people accused him as a wife beater because of it. And when his first wife died him and the Putnam family had a dispute because of her funeral expenses.

The Accusations

Why George Was Accused

He was hanged on August 19, 1692.People of Salem started accusing him, because he abnormally strong, handsome, and because of his past in Wells, Maine.Some of the accusations were that he was the King of Hell (as said in the book ( Witches! The absolutely true tale of disaster it Salem)Written by Rosalyn Schanzer. Ann Putnam first accused him of Witchcraft saying he was “The King Of Hell”.Ann also said that she saw the ghosts of George’s dead wives,and the ghosts said he killed them.Others chimed in on the accusations. It was also said that Ann Putnam accused people because her family told her to, for family grudges.

George's Death

Before he was hanged he claimed his innocence and recited the Lord’s Prayer perfectly, this action caused a lot of confusion and split crowds because people believed that a wizard/witch cannot recite the Lord’s Prayer. It caused people to believe that he was innocent, but it was too late, he was hanged.People wanted to stop the hanging after the Lord’s Prayer but the Politicians refused to stop the trial.After he was was hanged he was cut down from the noose and dragged by the halter and thrown down a hole and buried poorly. So badly his hand stood out. This was a turn in the Witch trials, people went against it, because of how bad it was. And a few years later his children were paid back for his wrongful death. He should be remembered because of how faithful he was and how he never gave up.He influenced that the witch trials were wrong,even after death. He stood up for the witches in the very beginning. He didn’t believe that witches even existed.