2015 Best and Worst

Charlie Germain

Best 3 Companies in Marketing This Year

Apple- Technology company with major products like the iPhone and iMac. Their marketing this year was superb because of their iPhone commercials they had that tied deep human emotion to the phone.

Under Armor- Sports gear and clothing company. They win a spot of best 3 because of their shoe deal with NBA MVP Steph Curry, the biggest player in the NBA right now.

Jordan- Sports gear and clothing company. Their collaboration with top ten radio rapper/singer Drake was very successful and brought a new kind of shoes to the market.

2 Best and Worst 2015 Products

Best: Curved TVs, Apple Watch

Worst: Hover Boards, Apple Iphone 6 Plus

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2015 Top Ten Tech List

Amazon Echo

Apple Watch


Galaxy S6


New Years Resolutions

Gain knowledge.

Spend more time with family and friends.

Get all A's and B's.