7th Grade Counseling Corner

Reminders and TidBits for the Week of May 22nd

Reminders, announcements, and etc....

It's our last week...it's finally here...

Thank you for being such an awesome team to work with this year! It is always my pleasure to be of service to you all and our students! To those in our family that are leaving us, you will be missed! But I'm a firm believer that we have taken part in this journey together for a reason! Stay in touch!! Now it is time for that well-deserved break! Enjoy!!

I also want to share...

Dr. Cohorst, job well done on your first year! You have lead us this year with enthusiasm, care, and fortitude! We are grateful for you!!

Calender TidBits

Peer Ambassador meeting

Monday, May 22nd, 10-10:30am


Final Exams

Tuesday, May 23rd, 9:15am to Wednesday, May 24th, 4pm

All classes

Wishing for great testing days for you all and our kiddies!

Mindful Moment

I see summer as a time to refresh, renew, and relax! Here is a list of mindfulness activities that can make this time a whole lot more calming!

The Mindful Summer Bucket List

  • Eat an entire meal in silence -- pay attention to the act of eating and to the taste of the food
  • Go for a walk -- with no iPhone, no music.... just pay attention
  • Get a mindfulness coloring book and spend an afternoon coloring
  • Try a 45-minute meditation session
  • Take a 24-hour technology detox -- no phone, Internet, TV, etc.
  • Declare a Day of Kindness and volunteer, engage in random acts of kindness, smile at people you see, and make people's days
  • Change up a daily activity -- brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand, drive a different route to work, sit in a different spot in your morning meeting.... Go wild!
  • Put on some music and dance -- just move however your body wants to move
  • Take a class -- art, painting, drumming, dance, tai chi
  • Make a list of the things you love about yourself
  • Declutter an area in your house that's driving you crazy
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Make a list of the top 10 things that help YOU reduce stress -- and post it somewhere you will see it every day
  • Visit a local meditation center
  • Meditate outside
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