3 Way Conferences

A guide....

What they are.....

An opportunity to...

... meet with parents with their children and talk and listen about their learning

... show that you know your students

... celebrate what they can do and who they are

... guide their learning in terms of next steps and accept at least a partial role for those

...therefore, the do's are....

  1. invite the students or parents to speak first
  2. listen actively by affirming and/or using their input to ask further questions
  3. add any further relevant information
  4. continually check for understanding

ESSENTIAL: Ensure you know which of your students is on the 'LDT' Register and what support they are entitled to

...and please do not...

  1. describe your students by their grades only
  2. give next steps as just "needs to work harder". Add specificity eg "needs to work harder on/at....."
  3. surprise parents with concerns you have not previously raised
  4. dominate the conversation

Possible conversation starters..

"Dion, why don't you start with...
  • what's going well?
  • what are your next steps?
  • what support do you need to take those steps?"

"Dion is a motivated, creative and organised student" (Celebrate / Know / Learning-focused)

"He could persist more when the answers to his questions are not immediately available" (Know / next steps)

"He could do this by asking more questions of his peers and of me, when this occurs. I would be happy to meet with him after class / recess or respond to his questions by email" (guide / accept a partial role in next steps)

"Would you like to add anything further?" (to student and/or parent)

"Can I suggest we make another time to discuss this as we don't have enough time now?"


Please keep to time as best you can

Seek assistance if you need it (SLT or peer)

Offer to setup a followup meeting if required

Preparing notes in advance might assist you

Preparing the students in advance - LT and individual class teachers

Deans and HODs - without being alarmist will highlight some families to be mindful of