Tech Savvy Ideas for the Classroom

Volume 1, Issue 2 Curated by Kirsten Wilson @teachkiwi

Finding our rhythm...

We are mid-way through the second six weeks and getting more comfortable with our Dell tablets and iPads. We have developed relationships with our students, are meeting with parents in student-led conferences and getting used to the schedule that each school year brings.

Now, what can we do to boost our instruction and increase student engagement? Here a few ideas to explore when you plan your next lesson.

In this newsletter we will showcase some infographic creators and cartoon creators for instruction or student product.

Cartoon Creators... Who doesn't like the funny papers?

Powtoon and Tellagami

Powtoon- This is application is still in the beta stage. Because of that there are lots of fun things that one can do without having to pay! It does require a email. You and your students can do up to 5 minute videos without ability to download from the site, but they do have teacher and student pricing that is very reasonable: This is a great alternative to Power Point and/or Prezi.

Tellagami- a mobile iOS app that lets you create and share a quick animated message called a Gami.

A Gami can be a fun way to tell a story. It can be a short summary with an imbedded picture, chart or piccollage of what the student learned.

Creating a Gami takes 3 easy steps and can be shared via email.

● Mix and match your character & background
● Record your voice or type a message
● Resize character and place it in the scene
● Personalize with a photo background (or piccollage)
● Share via email
● View Gami as a web URL on all devices

A few ideas for those wanting more...

This is a great blog with resources for Google EDU including Google Doc collaboration and Google sites:

Did you know that wevideo is a free video creator application and easy to use both for teachers and students? Teachers can even access it as a function of their Google account:

Looking for PBL help or ideas? Try:

Love the ideas but aren't sure where to go from here? Remember myself and all the IT coaches in NISD are here to help. We can arrange to come in and model, co-teach or just help you problem solve.

Creating Spelling Quiz with Audio