Luther hayden "Dummy" Taylor

by: Isaiah Tovar

when, where and who?

Luther Hayden " Dummy " Taylor was a deaf american major league baseball pitcher. He was born Deaf. He was born in Oskaloosa, Kansas on February 21, 1875. He died in Jacksonville, Illinois on August 22, 1958. His parents were Anorld and Emaline Taylor. He grew up in Olathe, Kansas, which is where he attended the Kansas School For The Deaf.


luther Hayden " Dummy " Taylor was a major league baseball pitcher. He pitched for the New York Giants from 1900–1908.

affect on the Deaf community

I think Luther Hayden "Dummy" Taylor had a great impact on the Deaf community. Being Deaf and being a starting pitcher in the MLB shows that Deaf people can do what hearing people do and can be succesful!

Interesting facts

-Bats: right

-throws: right

-didnt go to college

-first game played at the age of 25

-played for two teams