Cardinal News

April 10th - April 16th


At East Central Junior High we are committed to preparing students academically and socially to be self-sufficient, contributing members of the community with plans for a successful future.

Testing Schedule

Good evening,

It is hard to believe we are down to one last week before end of the year testing begins. My daughter Avery is in 3rd grade this year and a couple of weeks ago I got to see first hand the anxiety that high stakes testing can cause. It was the Sunday before we returned from Spring Break and out of the middle of nowhere she broke down crying about the test she had to take in three weeks. She was worried about whether she would pass the test and about whether she would be held back in third grade. As much as I tried to reassure her that everything would be okay she wasn't having it. I told her that as long as she tried her best she would succeed, I talked about her SRI scores and how she is reading on a 5th grade level, but it just didn't ease her mind.

The next day my wife brought it up to her teachers at their faculty meeting and they gave her a little pep talk as well and somehow hearing these words of reassurance from her very own teachers was enough for her to relax and believe that she had nothing to worry about. I bring all of this up because it is important to remember the power that our words and actions have on our students and it is also important to remember that this is a very stressful time of the year for our students. I spent a little time researching ways to reduce test anxiety and found two interesting articles. The first one is just general tips to reduce anxiety, but the second one is about how there is power in allowing students to write about how they are feeling prior to the exam.

A couple of things to remember this week:

  1. Faculty Meeting Monday (mandatory testing meeting)
  2. We are having Spirit Week all week leading up to testing (see posters for details).
  3. Friday we have a special plan scheduled for students to relax and recharge before testing begins. (details will be discussed during Monday's faculty meeting).

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable week and as always it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve as your Principal.

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Morning Duty Assignments

Foyer- Fuller/Summers

Cafeteria - Wandell/Weber

Gym - Sinnott/C. Potts

Snack/Machine - Davis/Waddell

Rosey Alvarez

  1. What is your favorite movie? Lucy.
  2. What do you do to relax? I like to listen to jazz music.
  3. Who inspires you? My daughter Emely. She is what gets me going every single day.
  4. If I could travel anywhere it would be...Hawaii. I love the ocean.
  5. My favorite music/artist is...Enrique Iglesias.
  6. Who would you like to interview next? Lois Ahrend.

Week At a Glance

Sunday, April 10th, 7am to Saturday, April 16th, 9am

12121 East 21st Street

Tulsa, OK

Monday, April 11th-

  1. Faculty Meeting - Testing Meeting (mandatory)

Tuesday, April 12th -

  1. Lang. Arts and Social Studies PLC's in Library
  2. Detention/Tutoring - 3:30-4:30

Wednesday, April 13th -

  1. Reading, Science and Math PLC's in Library.
  2. Soccer vs. Monroe @ Driver (McLain) - 6:00

Thursday, April 14th -

  1. Detention/Tutoring - 3:30-4:30

Friday, April 15th -

  1. Testing Rally - Plans will be discussed during Monday Meeting.

Saturday, April 16th -

  1. Lesson Plans Due

Upcoming Events

4/18-4/20 - OCCT Testing - Reading

4/20 - Progress Reports distributed

4/20 - Total Wellness Visit

4/21-4/25 - OCCT Testing - Science

4/26-4/28 - OCCT Testing - Social Studies

4/29 - Junior Achievement Day

5/2-5/4 - Alg. EOI and Pre-Algebra OCCT