Least Restrictive Enviornment

Education is a Non-discriminative Zone

Educational Environment

The least restrictive environment(LRE) is a place where a student who is diagnosed with a disability has access to the same opportunities and curriculum as their peers without a disability. Also, the student has to be provided with the opportunity to interact with their peers who are not disabled; creating a circle of friends is a perfect solution to this problem. However, if the student’s IEP team determines the student’s LRE is not a classroom setting, the team is responsibility for providing the best environment where the student is able to achieve all of his/her goals.

Determining the best educational setting for students with a disability is a process. After exhausting several possibilities, a student maybe placed outside the general education classroom if supplementary aids and other resources are not successful/effective.

Process for determining the Least Restrictive Environment is as follows:

· Documenting the student’s current level of performance

· Develop student IPE goals and objectives

· Determine whether the goal or objective can be taught in a general education classroom.

· Determining the appropriate/necessary accommodations and modifications that are needed. Next, determining the necessary personnel who will be involved with the student’s educational success and setting of the student’s education is vitally important for the student to succeed.

· Next, the team has to decide another placement (possibly within the community) where the students goals and objectives will be taught if not in the general classroom.

· The team has to come up with a plan where the student can interact with his/her peers who are not disabled.

· Then, the student’s performance on his/her progress with achieving their goals and objectives are evaluated.

The school system must provide an education for students who are hospital or homebound. The difference between student who are determined to be homebound versus being in the hospital is the medical documentation. However, students under both circumstances will receive services with the expectations the student will return back to school.

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