Gifted, Grade 5

with Mr. Horak (February 1-5)

Conversation Starters!

The 5th grade gifted classes are beginning a new communication system to help parents start academic conversations with their children. We will begin sending home our learning goals for the week, to help parents talk about what we did for the day and week. This means no more “What did you do today?” with the response of “nothing much” or “I don’t remember.”

Reading: (Tuesday-Friday)

1. What are the Southern Colonies?

2. What was Colony Life like in the Southern Colonies?

3. Investigate illustrations of the past, and purpose ideas!

4. The Four Bodies of Jamestown.

5. What was the French and Indian War?

-Compare and Contrast

-Chronological Order

-Author's Purpose



Writing: (Tuesday-Friday)

1. How Do I Support a Hypothesis or Theory for Presentations and Essays?

2. REVIEW: How Do I Cite Accurately?

3. Greek and Latin Root Words

Math: (Tuesday-Friday)

1. Review: How do I multiply fractions?

2. How DO I Compare Mixed Factors and Products?

3. How Do I Multiply Mixed Numbers?

4. How DO I Find Unknown Lengths?

5. Students begin using TENMARK'S Math

6. Students review decimal skills


Content: (Tueday-Friday)


2. Students work through STEM packet

3. Review your hypothesis

4. Set up an experiment

5. SAFETY FIRST! What Does that mean to you?



Parent Reminder

I am sending home a second PARENTAL INPUT FORM today for parents to complete and return for tomorrow. This is the second copy sent home and I had a return date of Monday, February 1. Thank you to those who have returned them promptly. Remember, these input forms are to help your young scholar be placed in the BEST fit for strengths and needs in middle school.
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Our Scholar for the week is....

Jeremy Bledsoe!

Jeremy enjoys playing soccer outside at recess. His favorite food is classic chicken. When Jeremy is with his family, he likes playing cards and board games. His favorite fun hobbies are gaming and bike riding.

Jeremy enjoys math and social studies and has really enjoyed our CSI-MPLES "THE LOST COLONY" enrichment! Jeremy has also enjoyed reading the Erin Hunter series "The Warrior Series".

When Jeremy grows up he wants to attend ITT institute and become either a software or hardware developer. Thank you Jeremy for being our Scholar of the Week!

So What is a Socratic Circle?

The Socratic seminar is a formal discussion, based on a text or texts, in which the leader asks open-ended questions. Within the context of the discussion, students listen closely to the comments of others, thinking critically for themselves, and articulate their own thoughts and their responses to the thoughts of others.

Valentine's Card Exchange

We will be having a Valentine's Day Card Exchange on Friday, February 12. A class list will be going home this week. If participating, we have 24 students. Please make sure each student receives a card.

In addition, we will also be having our annual Valentine's Day Mailbox competition. Students are encouraged to create new and unique mailboxes and compete in our in-class competition.

A Quick Thank You!

Thank you to all of the students that have been working on their STEM fair projects and completing the packet areas in a timely manner. Please remember that I have provided a timeline for due dates for each student, and that students need to be responsible in meeting the requirements for each due date.