When Hilter Stole Pink Rabbit

By Judith Kerr

Anna and her older brother Max don't know whats coming when Hitler is in the election to be the dictator of Germany. Anna was so caught up in her school work and her friend that she didn't even notice Hitlers face all over Berlin Germany. A couple days before he gets elected they leave Germany and and move to Switzerland because they are Jewish. Her dad told her to make sure that she new she was Jewish and be proud if it.

through their journey she meets many new friends and learns a new language as she gets used to living life as a refugee. Many people left Germany to be more free and and be who they want to be. Soon max and Anna were noticing that people new they were different and some of there new friends parents wouldn't let them play with their kids any more because the were Jews. they decided it was time for a move and moved to France into a flat in an apartment and Anna loved it.

towards the end of the book one there family friends mentioned to Anna that her life had to have been very hard but Anna barely had to think it wasn't hard to her because the was with her family the whole time through thick and thin while most other Jewish family's were pulled apart and separated into concentration camps. I don't think she ever understood why they were moving so much but she liked it and she even learned how to speak french fluently and meet so many new people.

Genre: Historical ficiton

Who would enjoy this?

I think this book is for somebody that doesn't want a super sad book it has a lot of happy in it too and Anna has a lot of spirit and so does her family.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars