Indiana Religious Freedom Bill

By: Breanne Mandabach

Basic Information

The Indiana religious freedom bill, also known as religious freedom restoration act, was recently signed by Indiana's governor, Mike Pence. This allows businesses to cite their religious freedom as a legal defense. The law states that the government can’t burden a person’s exercise of religion, and if they feel like their beliefs have been or could be burden then they could use this law to protect them.

Media Portrayal

Since the bill/act was first announced, it has had controversy over why it was made and whether it helps or not. Many people believe that it was made to discriminate against the LGBT. They believe this because anyone can deny their service if it is against their beliefs. For example, a pastor doesn't have to marry the LGBT if the pastor doesn't wish to due to his beliefs. Another stance on this is to protect those pastors and/or any business who believe in their right of denying service due to religious reasons from court cases.


The type of bias that you typically see in the news about the bill is that it is targeting the LGBT. They believe it is targeting them because last year Indiana signed a law allowing same sex marriage. Now Indiana has this bill that is allowing pastors and anyone else deny service to them.


This has Cultural and Marxist Criticism. It has cultural because it deals with people beliefs and religions. Also it has Marxist because it deals with politics and the government.
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My Beliefs

I believe it could help and that is good to protect the businesses, but it could also open more doors for more problems. It could lead people to saying no because of religious reasons, but they really just didn't want to help the person. For example, this bill/act is allowing doctors, firefighters, and anyone else who is suppose to help the right to say no. No matter what their belief is they should still be helping. So I believe instead of just destroying the bill, they should revise it.


In this video we see interviews from different people and their view points.