Sup, It's Open House

By: Sterling Douglass


In this project we had to build a house. We had to build a house that could withstand an earthquake. This project was call the (Tony Stark PBL project).

Driving Question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity.

Our Design: Our design is a regular two story house with beams that go from corner to corner. Also we have cement attached to the corners to make sure it doesn't fall apart.


In this project I really liked making all the images and narrating. I also liked the point of the project. In the project we created a 30 hands about the Atmosphere.

30 Hands Project By: Sterling Douglass


Description: In this project we had to crate an invention that would reduce environmental problems. I created a wireless charger for the beach.

What environmental problem does my invention solve?

My invention reduces pollution. You create a lot of pollution when you are at the beach. You create pollution to get there then you create pollution to find a parking space. Finally you then create pollution to charge your phone in the car.

How does your invention solve this problem?

Instead of going out to your car to charge your phone you can have wifi that charges your phone for you. When you go out to your car to charge a phone you have to turn the engine on. When the engine is on it produces pollution. So that is how my invention solves a problem.


I really liked the earthquake unit.

What I liked about the unit: I really like finding out how all the massive destructions happen. Also I liked that I learned about the creation of earthquakes. Finally I really liked the unit because it had our first project.

What lab/activities did you like: I really liked the Earthquake PBL project. That was because we got to build a lot. Also I was happy because it was a group project. Also it wasted like a month of doing homework. YAY!!!