Mrs. Bearden's Weekly Update

April 25, 2022

Dear Eagle Canyon Families,

Last week, our second-grade teachers and several parents coordinated and implemented a wonderful STEAM Earth Day event for our second graders. We are thankful to have involved families who can take the time to volunteer. As a reminder, volunteers can be on campus during the school day to support educational programs and student learning as long as they are vaccinated or have a negative COVID test within the last week.


Last Thursday, I received several reports of older elementary students standing or walking in the street on Chino Avenue as they were walking home. If your child walks home, please have a conversation about staying on the sidewalk and making safe choices on their way to and from school.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs. Bearden


Last month, the Grade Level Chairs, Dr. Titus, and I presented information regarding CAASPP Testing.


Parents can help their children by doing the following:

  • Bring your child to school on time during testing days.
  • Make illness the only excuse for absences.
  • If your child wears glasses, be sure they have them at school on testing days.
  • Eat a good protein breakfast, and allow enough time in the morning for a calm start to the day.
  • Cheer your child on, and encourage them to try their best!

Emotionally prepare students for testing by doing the following:

  • Try not to stress out: Stressing over the testing will not raise scores.
  • Clear up misconceptions: Remind students they do not "fail" the grade based on state testing. One test does not define the student.
  • Emphasize EFFORT over getting a high score.
  • Practice deep breathing and other coping strategies at home to calm nerves.

We know the teachers and students have worked hard to master the grade-level standards. We are excited to see how our students do this year!


Hey Golden Eagles!

Get signed up and automatically earn a ticket to the Mega Fun Run party!

2. Enter our school’s Student Access Code – ECE2022
3. Select "Go"

We have 455 kids registered right now. Let's shoot for 100% so all of our students get to participate in the Mega Fun Run Party.

Kindergarten Readiness Night

Wednesday, May 4th, 6pm

13435 Eagle Canyon Drive

Chino Hills, CA

If you have an incoming kindergartner, please join us in the MPR for an in-person presentation to better prepare your child for kindergarten. If you know of a local family with an incoming kindergartner, please share this information with them.

Eagle Canyon Traffic Concerns (Repost from 4/13)

There are some serious traffic concerns we need to address to ensure everyone arrives at school and gets home safely every day.

I received a report today that cars are not waiting in line on Chino Avenue to turn right onto Eagle Canyon Drive. Instead, they are cutting in front of cars to make a right from the outer lane. This action caused an accident today and could have resulted in serious injury. I hope nobody was hurt.

Additionally, I am noticing more and more cars making a U-Turn in front of the school. There are signs in front of the school to let people know we are not allowed to make U-Turns. This creates an unsafe situation for cars driving in front of the school.

Finally, people are not crossing Eagle Canyon Drive at the crosswalks. Not only is your safety our concern, but traffic gets held up while cars are waiting for the people to cross. Please keep you and your children safe by utilizing the crosswalks with our crossing guards.

We must work together to ensure close to 700 people arrive and dismiss Eagle Canyon safely on a daily basis. Please follow all traffic rules, plan your route so you can get to school without any concern for the time, and treat each other with respect.

For your planning purposes, we do open the gate at 7:45 a.m. to the students. Ms. Beatrice takes the students into the amphitheater until the 7:55 bell rings. Then the teachers are on duty until the 8:02 bell rings which is the signal for all students to go to class.

I know schedules are tight and morning routines can be hectic. Practicing safe habits with your children will teach them how to be safe when you are not around.

If your child tested positive for COVID, please use the fillable PDF to complete, print, and return to the school once your child tests negative on days 6-10. If returning on day 11, the form is not required.

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