Kadien Zeman

fast facts

Continent: Australia

Capital: Sydney



Main language[s]: English with a accent

Main religion[s] : Christian

Distance from capital Washington d.C. :10,409 miles

1st area of culture

Sports: I really want to try cricket. It is the most famous sport in Australia. I'm guessing it is just like hide and go seek here in America but if its not I think it is like tag then. I would love to bring my friends and family here to play this game. also I would try and figure out what type of game it is kind of like in the U.S.A .

2nd area of culture

Food : I found out they eat with there left hand because they think it is not proper to eat with there right hand . Did you know you have to stay at the table to wait to everybody is finished and they have to wash the dishes together. if you don't the parents will punish you. I also want to go out and test there sea food and see if it is good.

3rd area of culture

Events :if I ever went there I would want to get in a group like a book club and meet new people and have a very good time. I also want to do a surfing contest because a lot of people know how to surf so it will be good competition . I also want to meet a famous person and get there auto graph .

The things i mostly want to do in this country

I would absolutely love to go to a soccer game there . I think it would be a great experience if I got to go with my friends and family to Australia and I'm pretty sure if I had a good time I would go back tons of more times. Also I would go to a zoo a see the deadliest animals on earth in person.
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