Best Colon Cleansers

The Best Colon Cleansers are Ones that You Make Into Habit

We have those days when we just feel very uncomfortable with our bellies that sometimes we feel like we are getting fatter. However, getting fat may not be what is causing the discomfort. It might just be due to not being able to pass bowel for several days and for that you will need the best colon cleansers available in the market.

Many believe that these cleansers would pertain to products which are manufactured by companies and sold to markets worldwide. In a way, it is partially true. However, these are manufactured by companies. Instead, these are things that you buy without the chemicals and perform them daily until it becomes part of a routine.

First, one of the best colon cleansers is the consumption of fiber. This is one component of food that is never digested fully. Instead, it provides the bulk that will help push the food down to the end until it passes your bowel. Along the way, it will help sweep off excess food that were not properly passed from the colon.

Examples of these healthy foods that should provide you with the bulk that you need are fruits, specifically strawberries and apples, vegetables, whole grains. Of course, you have to eat these foods daily and should aim for 20 to 35 grams a day. Fruits and vegetables combined should make up five servings, while whole grains round up at six.

Water is yet another addition to your daily intake in order to cleanse your colon properly. The usual eight glasses a day is good, but may not be good enough to others. Your urine’s color is a good indicator whether or not you should intake more or if you are doing a good job. If it is pale yellow or almost clear, that you are taking in just the right amount of water needed by your body. On the other hand, if your urine’s color is darker than usual, taking in more water will help a lot.

It also is a good way to flush out your colon of any waste that are stuck in it. Just think of it as a lubricant that lets the waste slide through. In addition, it bulks up your stools making its passing faster and smoother easing up the colon as it goes.

It is also wise to consume fermented foods because it contains bacteria that are healthy for your colon. If you have heard of normal flora, then, you know that not all bacteria are bad for you. Only when they infiltrate other parts of the body will it become dangerous to your health.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with going green. Always consume green leafy vegetables for they are proven to be capable of making your colon’s muscle movement consistent thus normalizing its peristalsis, which makes passing waste better.

As you can see, the best colon cleansers are those which are not those which are chemically produced. Instead, these are those which are grown naturally and consumed without any added preservatives. That is why to clean the colon, always go natural.

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