The Supernaturalist

Book Review by Drew Eppy

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The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer

Published October 2004


The Supernaturalist is a sci-fi adventure with a little deception.


Cosmo and his friend try to escape the orphanage, but fall off a building during a chase. Cosmo lives, but Ziplock dies. The Supernaturalists save Cosmo.

The Supernaturalists take Cosmo to their headquarters. Stefan is the leader of the group of kids. Stefan tells Cosmo that Parasites kill people by removing their life force. Cosmo decides to help them destroy the Parasites.

On one mission, Cosmo goes back to the orphanage and helps all the kids escape. The kids get to go to the Supernaturalist base.

Cosmo takes a HALO flight to Myishi Corporation and meets Dr. Faustino. She is behind some of the missions. She wants to use the Parasites to power the satellites that run the city. She doesn't tell the Supernaturalists the truth about the Parasites.

Cosmo finds out that Ditto, a member of the group, has "healing hands". Ditto tells them that Dr. Bartoli experimented on him. Ditto can heal people by touching them or taking away their pain. He can also regenerate body parts.

Cosmo finds out the Parasites are actually helping people by taking away their pain so they don't hurt. Cosmo sees Ditto hurt himself on purpose and sees the Parasites help him heal without pain.

Stefano was really mad at Ditto for helping the Parasites. He wanted to kick him out of the Supernaturalists. Ditto tells them all the truth about the Parasites. They go on the final mission to destroy the Myishi Corporation.

Dr. Faustino escapes the explosion at Myishi Corporation. Stefano dies trying to capture her. The Parasites all get loose and try to heal Stefano. The main boss of Myishi Corporation throws Dr. Faustino out of the building and she dies too.


I think the book was about things are not always what they seem. The Parasites were supposed to be bad for people, but were actually good for people. Cosmo grew up thinking nobody wanted him. He found out he liked being in the Supernaturalist group. He became friends with them. They all worked for the same goal. Ditto was also treated badly, but he made all those bad things turn into something good by helping others.


The book was fine at some parts, but the other parts were just boring with just a lot of talking and not much science. The parts I like are the parts with action and a tank (yes there is a tank in this story). It was fun to read when there was action or missions happening. Some personal connections are the parts where they called Cosmo "rookie", because I call my brother "rookie" sometimes too. We also play a game outside called navy seal squad (its fun). How we play the game reminds me of the missions that Cosmo goes on with the Supernaturalists. They go on big and small missions and have to work as a team.