Let's Get K Ready!

A Newsletter for Parents of Upcoming Kindergarten Students

Vol. 1, No. 2

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Welcome! Do you have a preschooler? If so, this newsletter is for you! The "Let's Get K Ready!" news is filled with tips and ideas to prepare your little one for the transition to kindergarten. It is never too early to start! So, start today! If you are on a computer, subscribe for this weekly publication by selecting the orange button to the right "Follow CCPS Family and Community Engagement"; or if you are on your phone, scroll to the bottom to locate the follow button.

What is the Best Part of Kindergarten?

These current kinders will let you know what they like best in this 2 minute video. Don't miss the ending!
Favorite Part of K

Help Your Child Develop Print Awareness!

All those letters and symbols in our everyday environments on posters, signs, menus, and labels have meaning, right? Our children don't automatically know that! So teaching them to be aware of the printed word around them is super important! Print awareness is one of the earliest introductions to learning to read.

Children need to understand that print has different functions like:

-the words in a book tell a story

-a sign can announce a favorite restaurant or a road name

- a label on food item will help us know what we are eating

Print awareness is also understanding that print is organized in specific ways. These are some simple things that we have to model and teach our children:

- how to hold a book

- the parts of a book (cover, back, front, pages, top, bottom)

- we read left to right and from the top of a page to the bottom

- there spaces a placed between words

- punctuation marks have meaning

The ability to understand how print works comes to a child through adults reading to them and pointing out letters, words, and other features of the print on signs, posters, labels, menus and other places in our everyday environment.

So what else can you do to help your child with this skill?

-read regularly

-play word games

-label objects in your house

-point out signs and words as you are riding in the car

-read large print books and point to the words as you read

-talk about the parts of a book (front, back, title, author) and the parts of words (letters, capital, lowercase)

Two Everyday Learning Opportunities! Label Your Home and Parts of a Book!

Watch these 2 minute videos to get a few ideas for helping your child develop print awareness and other skills that will give your child a extra boost of K readiness!
K Ready: Labeling Your Home
K Ready: Parts of a Book

Dealing with Feelings!

Benefits of Coloring and Drawing for Children

Each week, we will share an idea to support your child's social emotional well being. Today's tip was spurred by a recent purchase of mine. It was a rainy weekend and I needed an activity for my grandsons. While in Target, I bought a box of 120 Crayola crayons and a 50 pack of drawing markers. Score! When I was a kid, I loved having a mere 64 colors so 120 was phenomenal! We put those fresh supplies to good use! Not only did we love reading the color names on the sides of the crayons, but we also drew pictures following step by step drawing tutorials on YouTube and we colored in coloring books. It was a great way to spend a couple hours bonding with my boys.

Did you know that using colored pencils, markers and crayons to color in art pages and coloring books benefit children in multiple ways? First off, coloring enhances fine motor skills and helps build muscles in children's fingers. This is a skill is a must for kindergartners who will be writing daily. In addition, keeping the color between the lines helps develops hand eye coordination. Coloring is also a relaxing form of self expression and stimulates creativity. There are lots of opportunities to talk and develop new vocabulary when drawing. If your child is tired, cranky, or bored, have some color pages and crayons handy. Encourage him/her to sit down and immerse himself/herself into the rhythm of coloring. In just a little time, you will be able to refocus your tired little one with this mindful activity.

So, try pulling together a basket or box of crayons, markers, colored pencils and color pages and books today! It's basic and effective as it reaps physical and psychological benefits.

Download and print some free color pages at this link. The Twinkl account is free for parents and caregivers.

Have fun!

Catherine Tompkins

Family and Community Engagement Specialist