The Titanic

Get your tickets now for the ship's maiden sail on April 10!

About the Titanic

I'd be lying if I told you there was a 100% guarantee that the Titanic can't sink, but it's pretty darn close! The shipbuilders for the White Star Line company took extra precaution wasting no money to build this dazzling ship famous for its safety and size. The Titanic's length is approximately 550 feet with 10 different decks! This transatlantic sail heads to New York City on April 10-16. Novelty gym equipment and new technology for sending postcard like messages from the ship also available. Titanic's Captain Edward J. Smith pictured on the right.
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2,435 passengers on board! Will you get your tickets in time?

The Classes

First Class rooms are very fancy and nice, and they came in many different decorating styles. Each room has it's own bathroom and some a parlor and writing room. All first class passengers can enjoy upscale restaurants, smoking rooms, writing rooms, dining rooms, reception area and lounge. The bedrooms also include a wardrobe room, telephone, heater, servants, and table fans, all tributes to these high class guests. Second class passenger rooms usually include bunk beds, clean line everyday and a private sink, however the toilets and bathtubs are community. All of the rooms listed above for first class have also been built for second class as well just not as nice minus the reception and lounge area. Second class also gets a library. Third class will generally be your immigrants. The rooms have several bunk beds and families per room and are very small. One sink is provided per room however there are only two bathtubs, one for women and one for men. Everything was not nearly as nice but the Titanic held room for all.

Enjoy your sail on the "Unsinkable Ship"!