Chinese Inventions

Silk Weaving

Silk Weaving

Where silk comes from:

Silk comes from natural protein fibre produced by the Bombyx Mori caterpillar. Silk threads are taken from silk worms which have been boiled.

The invention of silk making:

Le Zui, an emperor's wife found it more than 4,000 years ago. She later asked the emperor to give her a grove of mulberry trees for the silk worms. Le Zui was the person to invent the silk reel to join the threads until they can be woven together. Then using a silk loom, which she also invented, to make whatever you want.

Uses of silk:

Silk can be used for clothing, hats, scarves, shirts, ect. The silk can be dyed bright colors.

In the end, many people thank Le Zui, also known as Can Nai Nai (the silkworm mother) for the gift of the invention of silk.